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    So - it's been a while since I've updated this.

    At this time - I've decided to give up on trying to raise tetras. I have had bad luck with them, and have decided they are just not worth the hassle at this point. I decided to move along with keeping live bearers, which I have had great experience with.

    My timeline is a little fuzzy - Mostly because I spent a week out of town, visiting Los Angeles and then Hawaii. I know before I left, I bought 1 yellow molly, 1 balloon molly (an interesting fish, I've never seen another with this pattern). Both are males.

    A few days after I got home, I bought a female red platy, 2 female guppies along with 1 male.

    A week after that, I bought a female swordtail - But I believe she is actually a female red twin barbel platy, due to the black bars on her tail (similar to a twin bar that i had previously, only he was yellow).

    On 09/03 - My world changed. My brother was killed in a hit and run car accident. Needless to say, the only thing on my mind was family. For the next week, I was hardly home, and when I was, it was only to feed my fish. My tank lights were nearly on for 24 hours a day, which did create a small algae issue.

    On 09/13 - I bought a female black molly and a mystery snail. Also through this time, I've added a few new plants, namely wisteria and java fern to go along with my aponogeton and amazon swords.

    09/15 - Afternoon - Looked at the aquarium only to notice a tiny pink dot darting across the aquarium. My first fry! I had been expecting this to happen soon, and had already placed a breeder net in the aquarium, I just had not put the pregnant female in the net. I was able to catch three yellow-pinkish fry and place them in the net. I believe they are molly/platy, but they are too tiny for me to be sure at this point.

    09/16 - Woke up to see a black fry swimming next to the breeder net. More fry! I managed to catch around 8 black molly fry, along with 1 more of the yellow-pink fry.

    I'm fairly excited about these fry - My previous 30 gallon with livebearers never produced fry, or that I ever found anyways. I'm probably going to see what these guys look like, and then decide to either keep them, or sell them to my LFS for some store credit. I may have to eventually look into some sort of fry population control fish - I've heard that barbs are a good choice, other than angels, which I don't really want due to their aggressiveness. Thoughts?

    I'll try to post new pictures soon.

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    Scratch that - The more i look at the fry - the more i think the yellow/pink tiny ones are guppies. Pictures on google of guppy fry look a lot like these guys.

    I guess time will tell.

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    Last night was the last for the snails - I've had enough of them chewing on my plants. I placed them in my 30 gallon for the time being.

    I picked up two otto cats from my LFS. Down the road I will probably pick up two more.

    The fry are growing little by little everyday. I noticed a few more fry, which I believe are guppy, hiding by my driftwood. I'll just let them hide out in the aquarium, perhaps they will survive.

    I have some new photos and will be posting them later today.

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    Here are some new pictures

    Full Aquarium

    Left Side

    Right Side

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    The destroyer of my plants

    I will have to take some new pictures - the plants look a little different, mostly full of chew marks from that damn snail.

    Guppy Fry? I believe so

    Probably my favorite fish in here - some sort of balloon molly. His name is Bakon - Can anybody help me identify his true common name?

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    More fry - The black molly I recently purchased must have been pregnant, and I never noticed.

    Baby snail - I'm glad I found him and was able to relocate him from this tank.

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    I've also been seeing some more fry in the aquarium. They are hiding behind the drift wood and plants. I thought about trying to net them, but seeing as they dart to the back as soon as anything moves - I'll just let them fight for themselves. I'm sure at this point, they will be fine. I'm even thinking about freeing the fry that are in the breeder net.

  8. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmo23
    Probably my favorite fish in here - some sort of balloon molly. His name is Bakon - Can anybody help me identify his true common name?
    Hard to see... maybe a Lyretail Molly

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkipW
    Hard to see... maybe a Lyretail Molly
    Yeah, I apologize for the picture quality. Getting him to stay in one spot long enough to take the picture is well, sort of like trying to get a child to do the same.

    He's definitely a Balloon Lyretail, but I'm curious what the naming is due to the pattern on him.

    I'm hoping I can get him to breed eventually - But I haven't seen any interest from him, unlike my other yellow/orange male molly.

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    Cosmo....I wanted to say how very sorry I am to hear about your brother! Such a terrible, shocking thing and I hope whoever did this and simply left is caught!

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