I have one that is acting sickly aand has some battle damage from one or mre of his tankmates to his arms,3 of them to be exact,they have been bit off about an inch or so from body to just an inch from tip.I suspect a big hermit of this but have not witnessed it personally. Damage aside,he also doesnt seem to have an appetite for a few weeks now and his central disc is whithering.I drop food right on him and he doesnt really go for it anymore where he used to grab it readily.I feed him carnivore pellets and fw catfish discs so maybe he is not getting nutrients a sw critter should but he also has chances at the nls pellet and other frozen meaty offerings I drop for the fish. Today I put him in a small in tank qt so I can protect him from the crabs and make sure he is getting proper food.Today I got some nls theraA lrg fish pellets I will give him and I will make sure he is getting meaty offerings as well.
Have any of you kept these before and have you found them to be picky?