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    Default What's with neons in small tanks?

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    Why are people here recommending low numbers of neons for tanks that do not have the space for the neons to swim?
    3 potted plants and 6 strings of plastic do not make a planted tank!

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    Probably because neons are the smallest fish out there other than the too frisky danio's. I don't know what tanks are considered too small for them but I had them in a 10 gallon and they were fine. They're now in a 29 gallon tho so I can up the numbers a bunch.

    What is more concerning to me is a 10 gallon with goldfish in it or 7 species of fish.

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    Do you really believe you were getting the best out of your neons in a 10g?

    I've seen those types of tanks. 6 which is just enough to prevent them from dying but they're still shy and can't move much.
    3 potted plants and 6 strings of plastic do not make a planted tank!

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    12 would fit ok in a 10g they have a tiny bioload, I would bet they have less of a bioload than 1 betta in a 10g
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    I moved mine into a 29 because I don't like them in a 10 because I want a "real" school of them. Real school meaning about 30-40 of them. But I understand what you're saying. A 10 gallon tank stinks as far as stocking anything at all and why my 10 gallon sits here planted and not a darned thing in it. I have probably set it up and broken it back down 20 times with it never having anything in it 98% of the time.

    I don't like Betta's and haven't a clue what to put in it. Wish I could get my mitts on some meteor minnows.

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    @ my scottish buddy: Yes but bioload is not the issue.

    Lady Hobbs, I think we understand eachother with the neons.

    As to 10 gallons. IT's a pesky size. Big enough to make the inexperienced think they're buying a real tank. Small enough to be a challenge for real fish.
    Personally.. a small guppy group would work, their minds are in the gutter most of the time anyway. Any of the small Boraras would work wonderfully well provided you can give them soft water.
    3 potted plants and 6 strings of plastic do not make a planted tank!

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    Hey wijnands.

    Let me start by acknowledging that I am extremely new to this hobby (4 months) and I only know what I have studied and experienced in that short time. Who knows what my opinion will be in 5 years?

    I think that neons are the most easily recognizable and widely available small fish in the hobby. There isn't a fish store I've seen that doesn't sell them. In my area, good luck finding other small fish that are appropriate to a ten gallon. I think they only work in a ten gallon as a species only tank with a large school. I added mine to my tank slowly in pairs and there was a perceptible change in their behavior when the school hit 10+. As far as I can tell, they are fat, healthy and happy. They appear to have enough room to swim, though I have never seen their behavior in a larger space.

    I have learned that there are many practices in this hobby that are flat out unacceptable. I also think there are practices that are not preferable, but also not considered neglectful or abusive to the animals. To me, this issue seems like a gray area, but perhaps that is just my ignorance.

    I think that neons in a 10 gallon is a much less egregious offense than a goldfish in a bowl, a betta in a vase or a lone bala shark in a 20 g.
    I certainly hope that, as a community, we try to put an end to those blatantly offensive practices, without driving others away from the hobby by condemning them for their personal decisions in those gray areas.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    I also would rather see neons in a 10 gallon than in a large tank with bigger fish that intiminate the heck out of them so they feel they must hide all the time. They don't have 10 gallons to swim in if they hide behind a plant all day? Mine were fine in my 10 gallon, too. I just want a whole herd of them.


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    I went to my LFS last week to get some water conditioner and there was a young girl with her mum buying a plastic fish tank of about 8-10 gal, 2 plastic plants, an ornamental bridge, small internal pump and a bag of red and blue gravel. While I was there I decided to have a look to see if they had the cory cats in yet and guess who turns up picking out her 6 goldfish!!! yep you guessed it, then the mum said "look at the size of those ones in the bottom tanks" I took a punt and said " yep they are the ones that get to big and people bring them back" she looked horrified and then started asking me questions about fish, i gave her the best advice I could and she thanked me,
    I then say them coming out with a 70ltr tank and no fish! I think her daughter will love the neons once the tank is cycled
    1) 140 gallon with 70 gallon sump. 1 German Rams, 50 neons , 16 Schwarzi cory, 10 harlequin rasbora, 6 Hengals Rasbora, 2 Bulldog Plecs, 4x dwarf Gouramis, 12 golden barbs, 12 cherry barbs,8 Yellow Boesemani Rainbows and loads of assasin snails. Sump has central heating pump. water flows through a 4 layer foam and 1- 2kg of bio, also has a 18"x 18" algae scrubber that works well. fluval U2 to transfer to my QT when needed

  10. Default

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    Two good fish for a 10 gallon, IMO, are ember tetras and mosquito rasboras. Both are small (under an inch) and brightly colored (red).

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