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  1. Default New Tank - Very Excited

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    ok so heres the deal.. upto now i havent really been a heavy poster on here but on every day reading and have asked for advice etc in the past which has always been great for my learning curve..

    so after giving up my 4 foot tank about 3/4 months ago due to splitting with the gf and moving out of home.. i am finally going to get myself another tank this afternoon..

    i loved my big tank and when i find the right bargain i'll be getting another 1.. aiming for something like a 55g or bigger.. but must bide my time until the right deal appears..

    so for now i am going to be getting my hands on a small 2foot tank today.
    the tank is 2 x 1 x 1 ft so that works out as 15g i beleive.. ive always loved seeing pics of members small tanks and i am definately looking forward to this..

    planning to go down the live plant route.. in my 4ft tank they never lasted.. always eaten by my snails and crayfish so im definately going for it this time because i think there is nothing more beautiful than a live planted tank in all its glory..

    i think atm .. i have an idea in my head of having some lovely colourful shrimp in the tank along with a nice little school of something .. tetras/rasboras or something like that and a few assassin snails..

    of course its early days before i get to the stocking stage, i have to get this tank picked up today 1st of all for £20.. a bargain i think as it is complete with light, hood, filter, some decor etc and in excellent condition.. not sure what filter is there but may need a newer 1.. and then go through the cycle process etc.. but v excited to be able to get back into this again after a few months break..

    what i may also do.. as i am back at the house where my 4ft tank lives quite often seeing my kids etc and picking them up.. is take some of the filter sponges out of the back up filter on the tank.. all depends on which filter is with this small tank really.. but that is definately an option and would save my the whole wait on cycling as the filters in the big tank have been in there a good year

    i may also start a journal because i've not done 1 before on here and it would give me plenty to post about with plenty of pics..


  2. Default

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    Also considering a nice male betta for this tank

  3. Default

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    EDIT:here is the thing i was talking about
    I am also on another forum for plants (but sometimes I still ask questions here because the other forum is not as active as this one) so I want to share some of what I learned.

    You need to get micro nutrients and macro nutrients. The 3 basic macros are (I think) nitrogen(n), Phosphorus(p), and potassium. I don't know a whole lot, but I know you need to make sure you have all of them. If you don't the plants will show dificiencies. You can look them up online and you can figure out what problem it is and fix it.
    I think there was a better section so you can check it out.
    I don't think this shows some of the deficiencies though. Like boron dificiences(something to do with the roots I think)
    Well I think that's it. (one fertilizer such as the one I'm currently using, nutrafin plant grow will not give you everything you need as an FYI)

    On the other hand my water sprite seems to be doing fine, so I think it can also depend on the plant.
    Make sure you don't just get plants because they look good, you need to know the requirements before you get it and make sure you have everything for the plant. (I accidentally got a plant that wasn't aquatic).

    Believe me, plants are totally worth it. They look good and have alot of benefits. Anubias, water sprite, java ferns, mosses are all easy to take care of.
    (I'm fairly new to plants and I'm loving them! I have anubias nana, water sprite, and an argentine sword)
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    120 gallon29 gallon
    5.5 and 2.5 gallon
    The harley not the motorcycle, harlequin rasboras
    Angie R.I.P. 10/29/11

  4. Default

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    Oh I will definately goin down the easy to grow and less demanding beginner plant direction.

    And I also now have the tank!
    Woohoo! Got a friend to go pick it up for me and they have said it looks like its never been used, excellent. Now to get thinking and planning..

  5. #5


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    One does not need to be a chemist to have a nice little planted tank. I've got 3 planted tanks and all I concern myself with is proper substrate "for plants" and I buy only plants suitable to the light I have for them. Those that grow great I keep. Those that struggle I toss out.

  6. Default

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    Sound advice lady. I think if I follow that basic principal it should turn out fine. Just need to see what the light is like and suss out a substrate. Somethin dark I think.

  7. #7


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    Here's my small little number with pretty much all details.

    Maybe it can give ya some design ideas

  8. Default

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    Thats a nice little number there big

  9. Default

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    so i picked up the tank yesterday.. i actually dont think it has been used before at all.. just a bit dusty..

    going to give it a good clean tonight and check out the small filter thats with it.. havent had time to check the make or model of it.. but u can see it in the pic.. might need to upgrade it .. we shall see.. under the hood aswell there is a full length light which i was very pleased at.. not sure on watts/k etc.. but shall all be checked later and i'll fill it with water etc to make sure its well sealed..
    also need to check the filter and see wat type of media is in it to see if i will be able to put in some sponges from the other filter that is running in my bigger tank..

    quite pleased with the size of it for the price i got it at.. definate bargain..

    will have a look today on ebay for some substrate and plants etc.. and try come up with what i want and then get some ordered.. im thinking small pea gravel as it should be relatively cheap to get a large quantity of it.

    will hopefully get this all up and running pretty quickly, at least by the weekend. might have to go to my lfs and check out prices..

    so far so gd though..
    Attached Images Attached Images

  10. #10


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    Quote Originally Posted by HEADIN
    Thats a nice little number there big
    Yours looks like it has some serious potential as well. Nice buy.

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