I was watching videos on Youtube one day and I stumbled upon Dustinsfishtanks's videos. I don't know if anyone knows/thought about it but I started to realize the benefits of "dirting" a tank. Basically what "dirting" a tank means using 3/4" - 1" of potting soil, I used Miracle Grow Potting Mix, and then "capping" it with a layer of substrate that is either sand or fine gravel. The only downside to dirting a tank is the first week when you have to do 50% water changes because of excess nutrients in the tank and the amount of Nitrogen.

My recent 5g had a little betta in it with a little tree trunk ornament and a log tunnel with fake plants coming out of it. My betta started to look a little sickly and even when I did huge water changes he still looked bad. He didn't have dropsy, ich, or velvet so I'm guessing it was just his time to go. He was about 2 and a half years old and I was given him by a friend's sister who didn't want the "hassle" of dealing with a fish. So I took the tank off her hands and he's been living the sweet life ever since! But he passed away recently (July 1, 2011) and I planned to attempt my first dirt tank. The cycle was already filtered and it's currently in my 10g giving it some extra filtration so I'm not worried about losing my cycle or a mini-cycle. If anyone else would like to join the dirtier side of fish keeping feel free to join me! Here's how you can go about dirting a tank; these are the steps I followed: http://www.fishtanktv.com/forum/topi...-how-to-set-up

I know how much you guys love pictures, so here we go!

Step 1: Laying out the potting soil and getting it to a consistent mud (I realize this is before I added the water. I didn't think to take a pic after I added water ).