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    +1 for the substrate. And you get a free bucket!
    While I haven't used the Flourite brand, I here that Flourite takes a lot more rinsing before you can put it in the tank. But still a very good product.

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    I've just about gotten everything together. Of the things I *need*, all that's left is the substrate (currently en route, I did go with the substrate), a HO 10,000k bulb to replace the actinic that came with my fixture, and a timer for the lights.

    As for stuff I want? Some rocks for decoration, and... well, more lights. I want to get moonlights (found a set I like, just don't have the money at the moment to get them), since I typically go to bed after the lights have turned off in my tank, and moonlights would let me still see the tank afterwards - and get up to leave the room without turning on the room's main lights and disturbing the fish.

    The other two lights I want are geared towards displaying the glofish - first would be a single bulb HO fixture I could throw the actinic light in and set to come on only a short while each day before dark. Of all the glofish displays I've seen in stores, the best looking ones use actinic lights. The only reason I'm not just leaving the actinic in the fixture as it is is because I was told in the technical forum that the plants could use more regular light and I'd grow black brush algae. The last fixture I would like is a blacklight, to use occasionally in the dark on the glofish. Wouldn't even bother sticking a timer on it since it wouldn't be a daily or even weekly use item.

    I'm probably going to have to add all of these fixtures beyond the one that I have over the course of several months. And I'll probably need a canopy to put them on. Fortunately I have an easy solution for a canopy. My brother has some degree of talent with carpentry - his wedding present to me in fact was a custom built bed. It should not be difficult for the two of us to sit down, hammer out a design for, and build a canopy to house all this lighting on the cheap.

    What to stock with is still an issue, as well as what to put in the 36g once it is vacant. I should probably come up with some specific stocking lists and get some opinions from people with more experience than me.

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    Aaaaand... the move fell through, and the best option available to us is to stay here at least through the winter, if not another year. If I'm going to leave one tank empty for that long, I'm more inclined to leave the 36 empty; I may just rearrange the apartment, and set up the 75 anyway. If I do that, then when I move, would the population of the 75 make it for a few hours (and not longer) in the 36 without killing each other?

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    So I've been working since Friday to rearrange my apartment and set the tank up, because I really don't want to wait another 6-12 months to do so.

    The tank, rinsed out and with a background. We chose that particular one because my wife and I felt it added some depth to the aquarium, while still being mostly black.

    Two big filters for a big tank.

    Now to spend an hour rinsing the substrate, put it in the tank, fill it with water, aaand...

    ... the rinsing does nothing. At that point I had to call it a night, so I put the wood and rocks in blind and hoped it would turn out looking good.

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    Carrying on, this morning I woke up to go to work, and found out that it had turned out nicely.

    And after work, I moved the plants and fish over.

    The tank with fish.

    I've had two platies in quarantine since Saturday, and if all goes well they'll go in the tank in just under two weeks from now.

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    Emptying out the 36g, we found this strange growth on the lid's lens cover.

    No idea what it is, it's sort of a bubble shaped growth that resembles something out of invasion of the body snatchers to me.

    Now I've just got to get the 36g tank out of the way, and all the work will be complete.
    It seems that only one shrimp made it to this point, however, as that was all I could find to move. And as soon as I put it in the 75g, it promptly vanished from sight.

    And now I feel kind of bad, because it appears the lone zebra hurt one of it's eyes, probably while I was trying to net it - it was, by a very wide margin, the hardest fish in the tank to catch. I think it took 20-30 minutes to catch him specifically, after everything else in the tank was out.
    Last edited by Super Chris; 10-04-2011 at 04:14 AM.

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    Well that growth looking thingy. I would be sleeping with one eye open an both hands on the 44.

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    I'm pretty sure your growth is algea... but it may come alive at any moment...

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    nice looking 75. look forward to checking back with you as you get it all established...

    Getting my new 70 gal tank stocked.

    20 gal gourami tank.

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    Here's a couple photos of the fish in the 75. I'll take some more once the fish in the quarantine tank get moved over. The new, working air pump is very much appreciated by my fish, and I had wanted to get a photo of one of the glofish surfing his way down the current, but alas, whenever you try to take a photo of whatever it is your pet is doing, your pet decides to stop doing it.

    Sadly, the zebra lost his eye after hurting it. Fortunately, no other fish were hurt in the move.

    The platies school together more often than any of the tetra or danios.

    A rare schooling of the Neons. The next fish I put into quarantine will be the 15 neons to fill out the school.

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