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    Thumbs down 25" Arowana jumped out of tank!

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    I was just feeding the predatory comm. tank and my Silver Arowana got overly excited as usual and jumped out of the tank while trying to eat a smelt. She ended up falling about 4' to the floor where she flopped for a short while (felt like forever) while I scrambled for a towel to pick her up with.

    Just a note...It's a waste of time trying to pick a fish this size up without a wet towel. They are simply too strong and slimy to hang onto.

    She is back in the tank and looks okay...A little scraped up and breathing heavily, but doesn't look to be injured. The part that worries me is that I leave for a vacation in a few hours...Bad timing for this to happen! I think I am going to have someone stop by to check on her a few times while I'm away...Just for piece of mind. I raised her from 1.5" long...I would just be sick if something happened to her!

    I'll keep you updated.
    Last edited by Demjor19; 06-18-2011 at 04:50 AM.
    Gar connaisseur

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    20" Tropical Gar, 18" Florida Gar, 20" Longnose Gar,
    17" Ornate Bichir, 25" Silver Arowana, 16" Bowfin, 15" Giant Gourami

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    damn.... while mine has yet to jump out, I know how ya feel. at least once a week mine jumps and splashes bigtime. hope all turns out well and at least you were home when it happened. your aro is a beauty and I'd hate to see anything bad happen to it.

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    I'm sorry to hear that. Hope all turns out well
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    Yeah, it's normal for her to splash (she got water on the ceiling once) and she has even jumped out twice (during tank upgrades), but this was the biggest fall I have ever seen a fish take. This morning she still looks a little labored and she gulped air twice that I've seen (she never does this). I really hope she's okay while I'm away.
    Gar connaisseur

    Predatory Tank:
    20" Tropical Gar, 18" Florida Gar, 20" Longnose Gar,
    17" Ornate Bichir, 25" Silver Arowana, 16" Bowfin, 15" Giant Gourami

    16" Male Dovii

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    That would be a sick feeling for sure. I hope all turns out well.

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    I think I'd put a board on top the tank while you're away just to ease your mind.

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