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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterJedi View Post
    Was at a local Pet World yesterday with a friend (thinking about it, Milwaukee is really blessed with an over abundance to buy all different types of fish from common to exotic) but back to the story. He was getting his water tested and thinking about new fish/plants while I begged him not to because he doesn't have the lights for it and he doesn't take care of his fish properly.

    While standing there while the employee was testing the water I was telling him how he needed to actually clean the damn tank regularly, at least do a 30% water change each week, yada yada. The employee turns to us and says changing the water other then once a month is a bad thing and will actually hurt your fish and that she usually only does it only once a month or once every few months for her personal tanks.

    Gave her a blank look, shook my head and walked away. If I stayed I can tell she was going to get VERY pissy with me. She already had a look of disgust on her face with the advice I was giving.
    PERFECT example of the point of this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grangers710 View Post
    does a car dealer just take you for a test drive and know nothing bout the car he's in? Or a Butcher know nothing about the meat in the counter? Or your tax accountant know nothing about what's behind your tax return? Or most important, you go and adopt a child, but the adoption agency knows nothing about the baby? I mean lets get real here.
    Whoo!!! Spicy topic and everybody's enraged on this one. I like it.

    I am agreeing with everything in between.
    Yes, you should have some basic knowledge in your field.
    Yes to a higher responsibility to excel in your workplace, let's have a little pride and integrity
    On Spot! To relying on the capacity of one's own intellect rather than on the words of others
    A little personal responsibility goes a long way...

    Great Thread!

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    i used to frequent a LFS in the middle of san francisco, the store was a hole in the wall in a run down part of town owned by a nice older asian couple and a few of their kids or grandkids worked their.

    the elderly couple spoke broken english and the kids would help but the older man wouldnt sell you a fish without knowing your tank inhabitants, water parameters, tank size ,filter system, if you didnt have a water sample you didnt get a fish.

    every tank in his store was lightly stocked with fish and heavily planted. You could tell they really cared about the fish they kept and felt like they were adopting a child out everytime someone purchased a fish and they would take the time to answer any and all questions, very informative.

    Having said that this store is definitely not the norm in the fish trade industry but i find that it is becoming more common than say 10 years ago.

    when i go into a lfs and they cant answer basic questions or dont have time to i dont frequent that store, when i go to a LFS i expect that the person helping me knows what they are doing i find that those peoples fish are happier and healthier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grangers710 View Post
    I agree to some extent, but I think this is a bit extreme. This puts ZERO responsibility on their end to know anything? I agree that they probably shouldn't know everything about every fish and whatnot, but I don't agree that their only job is to scoop the fish and bag them for you. You should know about what you are selling. does a car dealer just take you for a test drive and know nothing bout the car he's in? Or a Butcher know nothing about the meat in the counter? Or your tax accountant know nothing about what's behind your tax return? Or most important, you go and adopt a child, but the adoption agency knows nothing about the baby? I mean lets get real here. Yes the local high schooler at Petco or Petsmart or wherever is most likely not going to know the breeding habits of every fish in their tank, but they should at least have a clue about things to answer a question. There is definitely a degree of acceptable knowledge, but to take all responsibility off of them, I find a bit ridiculous.

    I get the point of your message Lady, and I'm not saying you're wrong, but there is a degree here to this claim. You can't sell a product and know zero about it.
    Have to TOTALLY agree!!

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    Having read this makes me really appreciate the store that I frequent! Though I do have to drive for a good 40 minutes there and back.

    The store:
    The store is called Pets for Africa with many sub-divisions depending on the type of pet. So for example, there's Snakes and Spiders for Africa and Fish for Africa. In each of these divisions is the standard cashier and one general purpose employee. However, each division will have at least one expert on duty at all times!

    The person I deal with is called Peter. He has an incredible knowledge of the hobby and if he is not certain of something then out come the reference books (a rare occasion). He specifically uses the Aquarium Atlas series.

    He is not concerned with "the customer is always right" policy and when I have made some (should we say dumb) suggestions about my plans for the tank he has to told me flat out that I am being a fool. Further more, he will not sell a fish unless he is confident that you know what you are doing and that it will be kept with suitable tank mates.
    He keeps about 10 tanks personally and looks after around 50+ tanks at the store. I have never had snails on any of the plants I've purchased nor have any of his fish brought home a disease. The prices are lower than any of my truly local stores (who are over-priced, ignorant and arrogant) and he can offer good advice on almost anything relating to the hobby.

    What not to expect? What can we help become the norm?

    I understand where the arguments are coming from here, in theory the salesperson should have a good working knowledge with regards to the fish and products that they are selling but in reality, they often don't. There will be many who simply don't care about their job, but only want a paycheck. Believe me I know this attitude all too well from living in SA.

    The point I really want to make is this: there are many on this forum that have incredible knowledge about the hobby, so when you go to the LFS and the kid working there hasn't a clue about what is going on, give him some simple tips or point him in the direction of the forum. I realize that many will simply ignore the advice but a fair number will heed it. I tutor privately whilst I am studying at university and something I have come to realize is this; yes, people can be lazy and deliberately ignorant but sometimes a nudge in the right direction (usually something to spark/create interest) can work wonders.
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    I definitely agree with both sides of the argument here. Employees at big box pet stores rarely know enough to help new hobbyists set up a tank efficiently and successfully. Being that I used to frequent the big name stores and test employees' knowledge, and being that I was a past employee at a big box pet store, I should know first hand. I always considered myself to be an exception to those employees. I have had 4 years of formal schooling in aquarium management along with about 10 years of personal experience, and now about 3 years of "professional" experience. I have always been one to learn as much as I can about a fish before purchasing it, and now working at a privately owned LFS, I make it a point to attempt to know at the very least the basics of every fish available in the store. Having been in both shoes, I definitely understand the frustration of dealing with employees who just want to make a sale. But it is also frustrating sometimes when people come in without doing even the slightest bit of research on what they intend to stock their new tank with. Either way, it is definitely a two-way street
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