If you buy a rump roast from the grocery store, do you ask a worker how to cook it? If you buy your first car, do you ask the saleman how to drive it?

Fish stores are hired help that stock shelves, dip your fish and check out customers. It is not their job to tell you how to cycle your tank, what fish to buy, what size they will grow and what size tank they belong in. Not only do they not have time to spend hours with each customer that walks through their doors each day, many of them simply do not know themselves and possibly never kept a fish tank themselves.

And seldom does anyone know about every kind of fish in every fish store and it's requirements. If you wish to keep fish it is your job to do the research yourself rather than blaming the employees at fish stores for everything you did not take the time to learn.

It's no different than asking a waitress how your meal was cooked. Her job is to deliver. The cooks job is to know.

You are the cook! Learn these things yourself and stop placing the blame on every fish store in the world.

Research, research, research!