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  1. Default 36 bowfront community stocking options

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    Now I know this is alot fish but just trying to see what you all recommend out of these species? I will be running a Fluval c4 in this tank. At the moment this tank will not be planted, possibly will contain a few moss balls. The list of species I have been considering is as follows:

    German Blue Ram
    Redline Shark
    Neon Tetra
    Betta Male
    Panda Corys
    White Cloud Mountain Minnows
    Glass Catfish

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    that is a lot of fish for a 36 gallon.

    the blue ram would work, so will the betta, but you'd be safest choosing either or. both are territorial and may fight. however, both will require quite warm water, which would not benefit the white clouds, panda cories or neon tetras.

    the redline shark/denison's barb grows to at least 4 inches, is very active, requires cooler water and a shoal. not recommended for a tank under 4 ft. long or 55 gallons.

    the neons, glass cats, panda cories and white clouds all will fit in a 36 gallon. however, putting all of them in will likely not result in a pleasing display and will also result in a heavy bioload. For the 3 midwater schoolers, I'd recommend picking a maximum of 2 species and getting 6-8 of each. glass cats are also quite delicate, so take care if you choose them.

  3. Default

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    I know it was alot it was just the species I had been considering how many Rams would you recommend?

    Do you have any suggestions on species I did not mention?

    Ill do away with the Denisons for sure.

  4. #4


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    I may be more conservative, but I would only put either a single ram or a mated pair of rams in your tank. unpaired rams may injure and eventually kill each other in a 36 gallon, as there
    is no room for a loser to flee the winner's territory.

    As for other species, there are literally thousands of fish species in the aquarium trade. You'd have to be more specific in what kind of tank you would like to set up, whether it be a coldwater tank, community tank,
    nano fish, dwarf cichlid, biotope, etc. right now you seem to be leaning towards a peaceful community tank.

    PS: blue rams can be delicate and require high temperatures. If you want to keep rams with the other fish you mentioned earlier, how about the bolivian ram?
    A slightly larger, longer lived, peaceful species that can trrive in "regular" community temperatures.

  5. Default

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    I have heard that 1 sq ft of tank space should be allowed per pair of rams, so could I get away with 2 pairs? I like the GBR's because of their colors versus the Bolivians but Im just not sure how the GBR's would do?

    As for the type of tank I am going towards Im not sure exactly what you would classify it as? I would assume just a community tank, I like the look and idea of multiple small schooling species to add color and movement but I also like for there to be several medium to large sized fish in the tank as well to somewhat balance the tank out.

  6. Default

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    I think Im getting a 40B tank now, this definitely changes the game! :)

  7. Default

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    Bump to the top

  8. Default

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    Any ideas on the 40B?

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