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Thread: Aggressive Gold

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    Default Aggressive Gold

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    Hello, I have a Gold Gourami who is an aggressive terror.

    My current community tank setup is a 29 gallon with:
    1 - male gold gourami, 1 - female opaline gourami, 2 - rainbows, 2 - Rams and a bristle nose.

    He used to chase everyone in the tank relentlessly. He warmed up to everyone now except my female opaline. I used to have a male dwarf, which I returned to the LFS do to this behavior. I got a female thinking he wouldnt do this. She is completely stressed cause he chases her 24 hours a day! I set up my 10 gallon and placed him in there for now. Since I did this the community tank is a very peacefull place. Everyone gets along great and interacts beautifully. I dont want to get rid of my Gold cause he's my wifes favorite fish (and getting her to show interest in this hobby is hard enough! LOL) I also dont want to get rid of my opaline. I would prefer not to have to keep him alone in my 10 gal cause this tank is supposed to be my quarantine. I also tried moving the ornaments and plants around but it didnt make a difference.
    Any advice on what I can do??
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    sounds like typical behavior for a gold gourami. You could perhaps try exchanging it for a different one - temperament varies from individual to individual, so you might get a more peaceful one. That's about all I can think of.
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    Three-spot Gourami males can harass females in their territory to death in some instances. It is probably safer to get rid of one of them if the other won't behave and you don't want to breed. 29 gallons would be enough territory for one aggressive male alone.
    A severe lack of trichogaster.

    Just because your Gourami is sick does not mean it is always Iridovirus, DGIV, Gourami Disease, et cetera.
    Look at all the other factors in your tank before coming to this conclusion.

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    Man that sucks! I wouldnt mind breeding them. I just think he's more interested in killing her rather then making love. LOL

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    Looks much the same in Gouramis, sometimes. Female is even more at risk if they are indeed trying to breed. Notice any collections of bubbles at the surface?
    A severe lack of trichogaster.

    Just because your Gourami is sick does not mean it is always Iridovirus, DGIV, Gourami Disease, et cetera.
    Look at all the other factors in your tank before coming to this conclusion.

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    No, he hasnt tried making bubble nests. Funny enough he was doing this before I got her.

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    I love the gold Gourami but I don't keep them because they tend to be aggressive. If you like The Gouramis I would try a Pearl. They are one of the more peaceful Gourami. I have male pearls and male Snakeskin Gouramis in a 75 gallon and have never had a problem out of them

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    Would a gold gourami do ok in a community cichlid tank housing only semi aggressive species?

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    Well I just went and traded my Gold in for a Pearl. It's a sad day! I will miss that little bugger!! With that being said, I am optimistic that this will work out fine.

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