I have this Frontosa (He's a year and a half old and approx 4 inches long and has a 20 gal tank to himself.) and he's real cool and all that but he has this really annoying habbit. He's scared of his food. I use Cichlid Staple large pellets. They float on the top of the water. In the begining everything was fine but somewhere along the way he decided that his food was evil or something and now is scared of it while its floating on the top. He'll approach it real timid like, maybe nudge closer, act like he's going to eat it...and then change his mind and swim away. He repeats the process several times. If he gets hungry enough he'll eventually grab it and then shoot down and across the tank like a rockett...sometimes smashing into the other side. Yes, he did hurt himself once doing this...put a gash on his head. In fact I've had to remove all but the plastic plants and his clay pot house to limit what can hurt him in the tank. In addition to that...and help him from NOT killing himself ...what I end up doing is wait till the pellets get wet and then squish them so they'll sink down. Then he'll swim over and eat them without a problem. Sometimes though, he'll swim up to the top while I'm squishing the pellets, grab one..and then shoot back down in a flash. The result of this is a small wave coming up and out of the tank that gets everything all wet. In other words i'm practically hand feeding this fish and frankly I dont have time for this every night and getting quite bothered with the process. Sometimes I tell him..."OK theres the food. If you're hungry...go get it." But most of the time he wont. Or if he does, I'm likely to hear a "Thunk" after a while. Couple of times he didnt eat for two days...until I "fed" him again.

My other fish eat the same food and dont have this problem so whats up with the Frontosa and how do i get him UNscared of his food?