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Thread: Omg!!!

  1. Angry Omg!!!

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    Well I put my little blood parrots in with the bigger guys Monday and after 24 hours added the PraziPro. Wednesday water started to look yellowish seen one little guy but not the rest, as the day went on the yellow became heavier color, did a water change to see if that would help plus temp was way up close to 81F unplugged heater, turned on bubbler. Started looking looking for fish. Found a keyhole almost dead, and one little blood parrot. Today after after distrubing all the fish by turning eveything over found a 2nd little guy dead, and all my bigger fish came out! I pulled my Fluval 404 out and cleaned it, hoses and all but still no luck in finding the the last little blood parrot.. :( Why would this been happening? I added the same stuff to my hubby's agressive tank and all cichlids are there, his is now clear and it was a yellowish colour before. I am so confused..dont know if I should laugh or cry...I just want to know what went wrong!

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    That is a disaster for sure.Laughing would not come to mind for me.Ive not used prazi before but the discoloring of the water is normal for many meds. Did either of the tanks you used it in have carbon in the filter?

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    What are the water parameters?
    10g - Planted - Male and Female Betta, 2 Gold Mystery Snails, Cherry Shrimp and a ton of Ghost Shrimp.

    10g - Planted - 5 Neon Tetras, 4 Cherry Barbs a boat load of snails and Ghost Shrimp

    36g - Planted - 4 Electric Yellows, 1 Albino Arautus, 1 Yellow Finned Acei, 1 Male Red Jeweled, 1 12"+ Pleco(ready for a new home. Any Takers?)

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    81 isnt way up, especially for keyholes and parrots. The temp drop probably had something to do with it.

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    Maybe if it dropped into the mid to low 70s. W

    OP,what did the temp drop to when you pulled the heater?

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    It is now a milky color and still cant find the last little one. My tank is a 77g and there was carbon still in both tanks. I was told to leave it in cause it was due for a change and to wait 3-5 days after the med to put fresh active carbon in. The temp usually sits at 77(47 x 16 x 24) and that is where it is now with no heater on. I have tried to put it up more but they all seem top gather to the top of the tank when I try to get it higher. I explained it to the LFS ppl and they too are baffled. I did buy some Clearmax for the Fluval pump, have not added yet and will be doing a water change.
    All levels are still good, fish are not eating like they usually would but still eating. Keyholes are hiding, Blood Parrot, 2 Fire Mouths are out more, my Gouriamis no change and Comet Goldfish(I know he dont belong and already got the lectures).
    If hubbys tank was doing the same I wouldnt be so upset and confused.
    I am almost thinking that my tank is going through a cycle. It went through a little one 3 months ago when I first set it up but not a drastic one like my hubby's did when we set his up and this is what it is reminding me of now.....with all that said I will let it do its thing.
    Thank you all for your responces! I am always open to thoughts and ideas, so please dont hesitiate to let me know. And my laugh is all due to and I do hope this all makes some kind of sence......

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    If I were you .
    Do a good gravel vac
    Do a 50% water change
    Add carbon immediatly
    Wait a day then do another 50% waterchange

    The temp drop was not at issue with the disaster. The milky white sounds like a bacteria bloom. Your fish are better off right now with big water changes then they would be with any meds for awhile. The advice you got about leaving the carbon in was faulty no matter how old it was,it would still remove the meds if even at a reduced rate.

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    I did a good gravel vac Monday, did 20% water change, and added carbon Wednesday but will do that again today.
    Yes I do agree with the bloom happening, sorry when I said cycle thats what I meant. Still learning terms and such. I will post later or tomorrow how things are looking.
    Thanks once again for the advice... :)

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    Wait a minute, you added PraziPro to the tank water with carbon still in your filter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taurus
    Wait a minute, you added PraziPro to the tank water with carbon still in your filter?
    Yes I did and from my understanding it was bad advice!! But my hubbys tank is doing very well.....thats where I am lost....

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