I currently have a 65 gallon tall tank with one really big Dragon Goby hanging out in it. It was previously sharing the tank with some guppies and ghost shrimp and one otto cat fish but I took all of them out when I recently moved the tank.

I've been considering getting a puffer. The choice is between the smaller figure eight which will do okay in lower salinity or the green spotted which requires close to full marine conditions.

After considering the green spotted I got to thinking about maybe just making the tank salt water all the way but I am absolutely in love with my dragon goby and don't have another tank big enough to house him.

So, would Gemini (my DG) be okay in a full marine tank? He's pretty huge at this point at around 13 inches at least. He's perfectly healthy and has been kept at a s.g. of around 1.008 but that has fluctuated as I haven't been able to keep up with regular water changes due to the move He seems to handle the flux just fine. He just really didn't like the accidental temp change when I set the tank back up after moving. He's recovered.