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  1. Default Gem's 60 gal Cube

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    I haven't been around here for a while and kind of missed AC. I've been lurking a bit the last couple weeks and decided that since I have been on here a little more consistantly, I would post my current project. I have been through a couple reef tanks of the last few years. The first was a 2.5 gallon Pico Reef. I kind of miss that tank, but soon upgraded to a 46 gal acryllic with a CPR overflow. It was pieced together from odds and ends. A bit later, I decided to play like the big boys. I won a 110 gal tank (no overflow). Drilled it....built a coast to coast overflow. Built a stand, and bought better equiptment and more live rock. That tank later leaked and that very day, timing was on my side. At the same time I was posting on my local forum looking for a 100 gallon stock tub and help from local reefers to tear the tank down, a friend posted that she was giving away a reef ready 110 gal tank with the exact same measurements as mine. It was pretty amazingly coincidental. That is the current tank I have now. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it and because I don't have the energy to maintain it, it's gone downhill and looks like butt! So I won't post a current picture.

    Recently, once again, timing on my side and in the right place at the right time, I picked up the perfect tank! Here's how the story goes......

  2. Default

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    Timing is everything.....again......

    A club member won a really nice 60 gal starfire rimless cube with external overflow that was built by our local tank builder extrodinaire at a club Christmas party a couple years back. I had probably dumped a good $50 in the raffle for it.....but she won......Cest la vous...

    Well.....she was never able to set it up and was looking to rehome it. Guess who was at the right place at the right time...

    Here are a couple shots of the new tank.....front and top down

    The back is smoked glass.

  3. Default

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    And the stand....with and without sump under it. I had it built at an iron works place that does steel and wraught iron work etc. It's all 1 inch stainless steel tubing. The sump fits perfect the way it sits in the picture....but after much discussion on better space management.....that's not quite how the sump will sit. Or at all how it will sit for that matter. That's for me and my build consultant (boyfriend) to know and you to find out later.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  4. Default

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    I've decided to go with painting the stand rather than powder coat. Powder coat is probably better but honestly, it's not going to be exposed to outdoor elements so I really think with a good several coats of paint it should be fine.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  5. Default

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    I'm really happy about how things are turning out with this build. BF came over today with his saw and helped me plan out exactly what I wanted to do with this stand. And then we got to work...well...after Home Depot and Chipotle that is.

    Here are a few angles part way through the build....
    Attached Images Attached Images

  6. Default

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    Next came drilling holes for the plumbing and painting the wood.

  7. #7


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    Interesting history but off to a great start it seems! Good luck with this tank
    Empty 125g sitting in my shed
    55g Freshwater Tropical Community
    29g Convict Fry Growout Tank
    10g Freshwater Planted Tropical Community
    5g Freshwater Planted Dirt
    2.5g Ghost shrimp tank

  8. Default

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    Now to explain the woodwork under the stand....

    All my equiptment will fit in there like a puzzle. It will be tight but very organized and manageable.
    The box that we built into the stand is for anything and everything electrical. My power strip, DC8, Ballast, ATO controller....etc...will be mounted in that box away from the water. There are hole drilled in the back of the box for cords.

    The stand will eventually be skinned and the skins held on by magnets. The underside of the stand will be accessable from front and both sides.

  9. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanisHawttt
    Interesting history but off to a great start it seems! Good luck with this tank

    Thanks. Started this build about a month ago. Just figured I would share.

  10. Default

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    Cut some drydeck to fit into the electrical box floor to provide air flow for the ballast.

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