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Thread: betta tumor

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    Jul 2007

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    Default betta tumor

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am sorry to be short and to the point but I need help.

    My fresh water betta,Jeremiah, is very sick. By that I mean he has a large tumor on his large fin, the big one that goes down under his body.

    I have used several different antibiotics and none work it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Last week out of desperation I took him to a marine biologist who said it was a tumor but did not know what kind. He said to consider putting him down.

    If Jeremiah was not eating, or was sickly acting I would. I love him too much to see him suffer, but he is happy go lucky except that tumor keeps getting heavier for him and he is starting to have trouble swimming FAST like he used to. He gets around okay but you can now tell it is heavy on him.

    Since no one else can give me any help with him I am considering opening up that tumor and getting it to drain. I realize that it may kill him but he will die the way he is going. The thing started as a tiny tiny white speck, I even thought it was ick, but it was just one then it kept growning and now it is the size of my small nail on the little fish.

    If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

    I adore him so if someone can help me please I would be very greatful. If nothing else if someone has done a sugery on a fish please share with me.

    Thank you for any help.


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    Jan 2007
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    Has he developed any read near the fins or on the tumor?

    Are you able to provide a pic?
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    Jun 2007
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    Personally I would not even attempt to put him in any pain by trying to give him any type of surgery. I think you should just let him live his life out, however long is intended for him, in peace without any added stress. As long as he's eating and able to swim, I think you should just let his life play out the way its suppose to. Just my input....
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    Jul 2007

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    Default My Betta's Tumor

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    Thank you for your kind words.

    I believe you are correct he just needs peace. I just love him so much, it's silly people tell me cause he is just a fish but to me he is very very special.

    When I walk into the room he comes just flapping his little fins to say hello then he is such a ham, he will stay and visit until I finally leave.

    Thanks again for caring.

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    Dec 2006
    Adelaide, Australia

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    Sorry to hear about your mate. Let him be and enjoy your time with him. They are cuties.
    Last edited by wasklywabbit; 08-02-2007 at 09:32 PM.

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    Oct 2007

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    Default Please someone read...

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    i too have a sick betta who seems to have the same tumor-like symptoms. i know your post is a little old but im hoping you found a cure. here is a link with some pics of Wilbur. yea, he's a pig and used to eat a lot, even with his tumors(2). Only lately i think hes getting worse. I have tried every medicine the experts recommend.
    thanks for your help.

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