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  1. Default funkman262's 90g Planted Tank Journal

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    Nova Extreme 3' T5HO 78W fixture
    Nova Extreme 4' T5HO 108W fixture
    CFS 500 filter (polyfiber and sponge for mech filtration only)
    Elite Underwater Mini Filter x2 (used for CO2 diffusion)
    Glass Drop Checker
    DIY CO2 Generator

    Flourite Black Sand

    Amazon Sword
    Anubius nana
    Rotala Indica
    Star Grass
    Pygmy Chain Sword
    Alternanthera reineckii 'roseafolia'
    Ludwigia Glandulosa​
    Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden'
    Rotala Wallichii
    Myriophyll​um Tuberculat​um
    Bacopa Caroliniana
    African fern
    Java Fern
    Java Moss
    Peacock Moss

    Harlequin Rasboras
    X-Ray Tetras
    Neon Tetras
    Cardinal Tetras

    I started this tank about 6 months ago and am very pleased with the progress. Nothing was added to the tank between shots but several plants were moved around.

    6 months ago:


    I'm sure I'll get yelled at for this but I have not done a single water change since I set the tank up. I don't have any reason to believe that the fish or plants have suffered because of it though. I have purchased several fish that were in pretty bad shape (no color, fins torn, etc.) and the became really healthy and colorful in my tank. In fact, the male kribensis I bought not too long ago was pale as can be with practically no tail fin and now not only does he look wonderful but he recently spawned with the female I had in there. Also, I just noticed today that a couple of large amazon sword leaves were covered in angelfish eggs. I don't think the fish would be so active if they were unhappy with the conditions in there.

    Overall, I'd say that for a large tank that I actually get to spend more time looking at than maintaining, I couldn't be happier. I simply need to feed the fish, top off the water when the level gets a bit low, rinse out the filter once a month and replace the co2 mixture every few weeks.

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    Your tank looks spectacular! love that plant growth.
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    "There is no right way to do the wrong thing." - KingFisher "Only bad things happen fast in this hobby" - Cliff Boo train boo train boo train boo train woohoo

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    I'm jealous, that tank is gorgeous
    Empty 125g sitting in my shed
    55g Freshwater Tropical Community
    29g Convict Fry Growout Tank
    10g Freshwater Planted Tropical Community
    5g Freshwater Planted Dirt
    2.5g Ghost shrimp tank

  4. Default

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    Nice tank will try to add a pic of mine
    3 tanks a 200 ltr 4 head and tail lights,10 assorted platys, 3 black swordtails, tuxedo swordtail, mystus catfish a raphael catfish,pictus,sunset catfish 2 clown loaches 1 xclown plec,gibbicep,2 Congo tetras,2 albino algae eaters,1 panda corydoras,1 Pakistani loach,3 cory,s a peppered a albino sterbae and a agazzizi,1 skunk botia,2bumbble bee gobies and 2 silver angel 1 zebra angel,3 red banded rainbows,2 cockatoo dwarf chiclids,3 diamond tetras

  5. Default

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    I did a 10% water change on the tank for the first time just for the heck of it. Also, I've been selling some of my plants locally for the past couple weeks and today someone will be getting a pretty large package from me so the tank will probably look pretty empty afterwards. I'm hoping to sell a couple of those large amazon swords soon to make room for some new plants to try out. I'll post a pic afterwards of the aftermath lol.

  6. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by funkman262
    I'm sure I'll get yelled at for this but I have not done a single water change since I set the tank up. I don't have any reason to believe that the fish or plants have suffered because of it though.
    With that many plants, most of the toxins get recycled anyway. If you DO decide to do WC's, don't change TOO much at once to begin with, start off slowly.

    Great tank mate. Beautiful plant growth

  7. Default

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    Thanks CrazedMichael

  8. Default

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    So it's been about 2 weeks since the kribs spawned (and subsequently eaten) but I just saw a new batch of babies in there. Since the last batch couldn't avoid doom from the tetras, I'm thinking I may try to take some of them out and put them in a 5 gallon planted tank that I've been working on. It's got fluorite sand substrate, amazon swords, jungle val, anubias and I've even been raising blackworms in there so the fry might be able to peck at them lol. Other than that I'll crush up some flake-food and maybe add in some Selcon that I use on my reef tank. I'm not too optimistic but the alternative would be a day or two trying to avoid the tetras before they ultimately become fish food.

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    Your tank looks great Funkman

    Looking forward to the up-dated pic
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

  10. Default

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    I can't edit my previous post so I'll just have to make a new one:

    Krib fry update: I was carefully searching the bottom of my tank for the krib fry and low-and-behold I find one; except it's not one of the ones I was looking for. This one was much larger than the newborns which means it must be a survivor from the other batch. Sometimes I don't notice a new fish until it's nearly an inch long because there's too many hiding spots and a lot of the fish just blend in with the soil at the bottom when they're young. I think if I start paying attention a little more I might find additional treasures in there lol.

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