I don't mean to ask so many questions... Ok I do, because I want to do this the best and most efficient way I have never used a sponge filter before, nor really know anything about them. I did some research and want to know how you use yours. do you run an air bubbler through it when its in your sump or do you just leave it in your sump and let things collect on it that way? and if you dont use a airpump in your sump, would you use a air pump in the QT tank?
For water movement Should I really use a power head in a 5 gallon tank? I have two powerheads rated for 170gph and a circulation pump rated for 1250 gph.

Here's what I'm thinking,I could put the sponge filter under one of the powerheads where it sucks in water to blow it out and move the power head and the sponge filter to the QT tank. and if the flow rate is to strong, I could put a filter or something over the outflow to slow it down. 170gph/5gal= 34x turnover rate but with the filter on it, it should slow it down. I think that would be ok.


I do have a HOB filter that came with the tank, could I just put a household filter cut to size in my sump for a few weeks then put it in the HOB and run it while in use? I prefer not to run the HOB filter making my tank look like a construction zone or waste electricity if I don't have too.

what do you think I should do? Side note, I just found out the flow rate of the power heads and think I need to upgrade and take them out and just add another circulation pump.