Im in the process of putting together some ideas for my CUC for my next reef tank. I thought it would be a good plan to have a few ideas put together before I need to add them. That way I can pick out my CUC crew based on what develops in the tank for a food source.

I want to select options for my next CUC that will eat bubble algae. So far in my current reef tank, the best member of my CUC for getting rid of bubble algae has been me. Dont get me wrong, my snails are good for cleaning up bubble algae when it is still really small, but that cant really get at the stuff that started deep inside the rocks. My emerald crab usually finds that stuff when there is any. I hardly ever get bubble algae in my current tank, Im concerned about getting a lot of it in the new tank and would like to have a plan for CUC options to deal with it. My next tank is going to be a 120 gallon with about 100 to 150 Ibs of rock

To sum up my extremely long winded question, other than emerald crabs, Urchins and snails, are there any other CUC options I could look into that will clean-up bubble algae ?

Is there anyone that could offer me some your first hand experience ?