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    Default Any good tankmates for a young Oscar?

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    I had this post in another thread, here's the copypasta:

    I made an impulse purchase. I know I told you all I wasn't planning on getting any ocsars any time soon, but I made a liar out of myself. So here's the game plan, I'm only hoping it won't give the new fellow HTH disease or stunt his growth:

    The oscar I bought is about 1.5 inches big right now. It seems they will grow at about an inch month until they're about 9in or so. So, in about three months (making him hopefully about 4.5, or let's say 5inches to be safe), could he at least semi-thrive (vs 'just survive' since I know they are hardy fish) in a 15 High? At that point he'd (worst case scenario) be moved to a 40 gallon breeder. And then, before xmas, to a final 75 gallon.

    These plans are based on my time estimates. My 40 has 3 goldies that I originally wanted to build a pond for on a home bought before late fall. BUT now I have convinced my mom they're easy to care for (for our southwest region compared to places you have to break ice and such), at least that I could when i visit her (she's scared I'm going to leave her completely, I think) if she's not able to do so. However, after pricng the liner, sand, and those concrete blocks, I figure I could do it for her with my next paycheck (so that is in a month, so let's add two weeks to actually do the work). Henceforth, I could move the oscar in as little as a month and a half, but I want the three month safety limit just in case!

    So then it goes, will this oscar, of maybe 5 inches in June, be able to be OK in the 40 at 9 inches around October? I am sure I'll find a house (and setup the 75) WELL before that, just trying to err on the side of caution.

    Of course, at this point, the best way to do that would have been to IGNORE THE CUTEY MAKING FACES AT ME and not buy him until I was all ready in my new house, or at least until the 40 was empty to start with.

    Oh, the 15 will have the filter it came with (biowheel Marineland thing) (plus WCs every 2-3 days), and the 40 has a Marineland power filter ("up to" 50 gals) plus the older Aqua-Tech 30-60. A sponge filter from my 40 will be added to the 15 just to get that one started; I accept daily WCs until I am sure it is fully cycled.

    tldr: I bought an Oscar, he's only 1.5 inches now in a 15 high tank. He was going to be moved within 3 months to a 40 gal, and within the year to a 75 gal. However, found a guy on my local CL with a 75 gal w/ stand for sale, and so while we haven't made the deal yet, i expec this means my oscar can live in the 75 within 5-6 months :D

    So I was wondering, while he's young and not huge, are there any good tankmates he can have in the 15 gal? I do not want a second oscar or anything, because I wouldn't have another 75 for that fellow when they get older. Preferably, fish that can either stay in the 15 when he's gone, and/or in the 40 that I will be vacating regardless? Thanks for any advice on this part!

    Oh, so far going through a mini-cycle as I used some older filter media on oscar's new tank (he has no name yet, alas), so I don't want to add anything until it settles a bit.

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    He can live in thew 15 foir a while, no more than 2 months. They grow very quickly.

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    Oscars are a dime a dozen. I would not have gotten one until you knew you had a firm deal you would have a 75 gallon within a couple months. So often we think we will have a larger tank and our plans just don't work out. Two months goes by very quickly.

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    I am only very new to this sight but there seems to be a lot of contravercy on oscar tank mates. and from my own experiences i have found that a great tank mate for a red oscar or a tiger oscar is a young brim. i have a 6 and a half inch red oscar in his 15 gal which he love dearly and is being upgraded within the week. but his constant compainion for the past 3 months has been a young brim about 3 and a half inches and they have yet to show any signs of fighting. i believe that it is because they grow at around the same rate. but thats just my opinion

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    i have my 3ish inch oscar with black skirt tetras, idk if they'll be happy in a 15 gal but the oscars ignore them for the most part if they stay away from the food. i would also try a small pleco like a bristlenose or rubberlip. for the most part i would say it depends on the oscar, some are peaceful others attack your hand. so basically large tetras or smaller species of plecos. i hope this helps

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    This thread is pretty old., in fact REALLY old.
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

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