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    I started a spread sheet for water parameters, but I seldom test it, because it doesn't change much.

    For clarification I don't maintain my tanks like the majority of people do or as generally recommended. I haven't done a water change or a gravel vac in 3 months and probably would not have to for at least another one and maybe two or three months. Instead of testing, visual and olfactory observation are good indicators of when I must service the filters. Not the water not the substrate, but the filters.
    Since the last water change, I serviced one of the Fluval 404's, and later took one out of service due to a leak from a crack in the motor housing. I found the system was getting along without it so I have not yet started up the Rena XP3 that will replace it. The in-service 404 is due for service now. I am dragging my feet some, as I am planning on tearing down the whole tank (125g) and replacing the substrate, redecorating with all natural materails, and replanting. Besides the mech-bio-chem filtration both tanks are heavily planted and with snails. I have achieved some sort of balance in the eco-system, for now, which I am about to disturb, improve and re-establish.
    The 20g was a QT, than converted to a grow out tank, and now is over grown. Very, very little open area remains. It is almost all plants. It also has not had a water change for 3 months. In January I was gone for 10 days. The very first evening the house-sitter / tank-sitter called and said the AC-70 on the 29g quit. Darn. They had no idea what to do, and explaining it over the phone did not work. The tank had 20 neons and 20 harleqins. I expected a dead tank when I got home, but found a healthy tank, without filtration which also provides the only aeration. Other than lights, a heater, a little food and make up water, it is self-sustaining. A few years ago the 125g was in a similar situation for 3 days; no filtration and no aeration and things were just fine. That was my own doing, but by accident or oversite.

    Back on records, I also keep Word files on a variety of topics relating to the hobby.
    I also keep a tabbed 3 ring binder with the equipment owners manuals in it and tabs on various topics. I have one tabs for fish, invertabraes, plants, the nitrogen cycle, various products, and other topics. Under the fish & plant tabs, I have data sheets on the specific species, filed alphabetically by their common name.

    One tab that comes in handy is invoices and receipts. It is time saver when reordering supplies. I know what I paid for what and when, plus have the item #'s handy for re-ordering.

    One administrative tool that took some time to compile but has proved helpful is a spreadsheet on fish species (that I have), their characteristics and their acceptable range of parameters. Instead of having a single column heading for a parameter, I have three. For example:
    Instead of this:
    I have this:
    Min - Mid - Max
    6.8 - 7.0 - 7.2
    That way it is easy to scan the columns and determine the near optimal parameter, or at least tolerable parameter for a combination of fish.
    If ph 6.8 - 7.2 is acceptable for one fish, and 7.2 - 7.6 is good for another, the tank target is 7.2; which is high for one fish, low for another, yet acceptable for both. Ditto for other parameters.

    My aquatic library and records are much better than they used to be, but less than I would like them. It's work in progress.
    125g Planted Community - Rena XP-4, Rena XP3
    Angels, Dora Cory Cats, Glass Cat Fish, Gouramis, Scissor Tails, High Fin Black Skirt Tetras, Snails
    30g Working Tank as needed
    20g Planted Community - AC-70 Harlequin Rasboras, Neon Tetras, Dwarf African Frogs, Bamboo Shrimp, Snails
    1g 1 Siamese Fighting Fish, Snails
    Aquarium Resources Angel Fish Breeding Modifying Water Chemistry Pest Snail Control

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    ive expanded my table out. changes are as follows:
    new page for what i currently have in each tank
    new additions will be recorded respectively
    logging as disease or issues i see (probably wont be much, havent had any problems in quite a long time *knocks on wood*)
    logging ferts doses (tabs and liquid)
    logging of plant species i currently have and making notes of what they recieve light/fert wise in my tank to help determine what other plants would grow well.

    i think thats it!

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    I maintain a log book which tracks the fish purchases, births and demise of all the fish I have. I do the same for my corals except I don't track expanded population growth with them. I used to log mouthbrooding events but I discontinued doing that.

    I note periods of illness and any maladies that may occur and when fish (or corals) are relocated to a different tank.

    I also track water changes for my SW tanks, age of chemical media (carbon and GFO) and the age of my T5HO bulbs (in months). I log the water temperature of my reef tank.
    African cichlid and saltwater aquariums

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    I started an Excel spread sheet last year of my 29 gallon set-up which includes water test reading, water changes, fish population, plant additions, etc. I also use Word to record daily notes on the tank and it's inhabitants.
    My memory isn't as good as it used to be.
    Warning; Bulldog Pleco guarding my Sons tank now..

    Please remember; every keystroke has a consequence.

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    Got a spreadsheet with EVERYTHING down to even iron tests, when fish were added, what fish died when and of what, any treatments, bulb replacements, all that good stuff, if its got to do with the tanks its on the sheets.

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