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Thread: feeding neons

  1. Default feeding neons

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    Bought a total of 11 neons one died so I have a total of ten in a 15 gallon tank.Put a plec in it but it died within a few days put another plec in and seems to be fine so far anyway.My big problem is uneaten food build up at the bottom of the tank we feed them TetraMin twice a day I mean just the smallest amount [not even a pinch].Not sure if we should cut back on feeding them or get another kind of bottom feeder,any suggestions?We have had them for about two weeks.

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    What kind of Pleco?

    Depending on which kind it is you may be better off taking it back and getting some cories.

    (Some Plecos get huge)
    Go ahead - try to count my Bumblebee Gobies!

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    Baby Platies

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    Fish stomachs are about the size of their eye. I would feed them no more than once a day and a very wee amount. (I save the crumbs left at the bottom of my fish food flake containers for mine.)

    I believe the Tetra mini's are a hard granule? Perhaps they just don't care for it. You may have better results with flake.

    A 15 gallon is too small for a pleco. I would not get another if this one should die. A few corys would work better in this tank.

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    LOLOLOL Posted that at the same time.

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    My neons will not pick up anything from the bottom. They will only take food while it is in the bottom half of the water column. Try feeding very small amounts, when they eat that or it reachs the bottom, give them a little more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Algenco
    My neons will not pick up anything from the bottom. They will only take food while it is in the bottom half of the water column. Try feeding very small amounts, when they eat that or it reachs the bottom, give them a little more.
    Just be careful too much doesn't build up because then you will have problems with your water parameters. Also, you need to realize if they fish are hungry they will eat. Especially if you are feeding them twice a day when you cut back they may start to scavenge more. Like Lady said also try flake foods.

    As far as corys I would like to recommend: Panda Cats, Albino Cats, or Green cats.
    These are real small schooling cats good for smaller aquariums. I plan on getting about 6 pandas for my 29. However at my LFS the dam pandas are like $5.99 a pop and the greens and albino are like 3 or 4.99 each.

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    I used to have neons. I had other fish in there as well but if any food got to the bottom, my cory cats took care of it and it ain't like they are just a fish you have for that, they are quite comical and I love watching mine. I have a small herd of the them and they stay in a school, pretty cool to see them swim across the aquarium. I like the albinos better because I think mine are more active but it is your choice. Khuli loaches are another good cleaner. Otto's are good as well.

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    I have near 70 fish and darned if any of them with eat anything but flakes. I've tried granules and also cichlid pellets for my angels. They look at it as it floats past their face to the bottom of the tank and disappears in the gravel. I have a cupboard full of food that nothing will eat. Bugs me!

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    My cory never stops looking for food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troy
    My cory never stops looking for food.
    Amen to that. They are little pigs!!! Lady Hobbs, Just mail it to me and i will give you some space in your cabinets. :28:

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