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    I have corydoras on Eco and Flourite and their whiskers are very long and healthy, so I would say it has no effect if you have clean conditions.
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    Where do you get that black latex stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticklemekevin10
    Where do you get that black latex stuff?

    You can buy Latex water base paint at any paint store. I was out late and decided to go to Walmart. You just tell them what color you want and they will make it for you. Clean the back of your tank really good and apply several coats until it is covered. Make sure to let it dry completely between each coat or your next coat will remove the last one.

    Funds came early

    I had my list already made and some things changed so I went a little over budget. I made a deal with the wife and put one of my metal detector setups on craigs list.

    I don't know if you know this but petco will not match their own web prices! WOW!

    I had several coupons to use at the store totaling $17.60 in savings today. I purchased a new glass top for the tank. The one that came with it had a broken hinge and was missing the back plastic piece. The corners were also chipped.

    I did not want to order mopani wood online just because I want to see it first. So I bought three pieces from 2 different stores today. The 2 smaller pieces fit together to make one cool looking piece. They are soaking in a bucket of Primed water. Don't know if I need to use Prime but I did not want the chlorine to soak in the wood.

    I also ordered the T5 light mentioned in a previous post.

    Since Petco would not match their own web prices I made a web order consisting of:

    3 20lb bags of Eco Complete

    1 Rena Air 300

    1 3 gang air valve

    1 Digital temp monitor

    1 tube of aquarium silicone (show you what I am going to do with this later)

    I will have everything I need as soon as I get some rocks and plants.

    I would like some advice on some plants that are fairly common and spread well with easy upkeep.

    I am thinking about putting a couple of moss balls in the tank. They look cool anything I should know about them?

    I am going to move the 20 gal down to the front room and keep the 46 Gal in my bedroom.

    I also put another coat of the black paint on today.

    Take care and I will post later this week when my goodies come in.
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    Vals would be a good easy option they spread via substrate runners. You could keep a species of Val along with some red/bronze crypts for cover and the moss balls...maybe some fern or anubias attached to wood or rock. The vals are excellent background plants due to their height. Just be sure to not dose excel with them it can cause them to melt away.
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    Well I have all of my stuff in except plants which I will buy tomorrow or Saturday.

    I have to move the 20 gal down stairs tonight and I am very nervous. Once I get it done I can start on the new tank.

    Any tips on moving a tank or things to watch out for?

    I will be checking this post every few minutes and plan to move the tank in about 45 minutes

    I will have photos of everything after I get the tank moved.


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    Ok I did not move the 20 Gal tank tonight I did not want to rush it.

    Still looking for any do's and don'ts when I move it.

    I installed the black airlines by using tank silicone. I ran them across the top and down the corners. I have two 3" round disk bubblers that will be hidden by rocks and wood. I also in stalled a fine bubbler that will be in the back of the tank. I have installed the adjustable 3 way valve to control all three stones.

    I installed the heater just to see how it would look against the black background.

    I ended up with 5 coats of latex paint and it worked very well.

    The light I bought arrived on time and in perfect condition. It looks really good and looks like the same quality as the coralife lights I took a gander at in the LFS. So 2 39w 6700k bulbs on will not bother the fish? I will provide some hiding places for them but this light is bright!

    I bought a 36" light but the brackets do not sit on my 36" tank? I took a photo of it.

    I aquired the rocks for free today. I went to a lanscaping business at lunch, told the guy I wanted to buy 4 or 5 rocks and he said just take them and he would call it a sample.

    As recommended by you fine folks I also purchased 3 bags of Eco Complete.

    I will have some more picks this weekend as get the tank together. I plan on feeding the tank with amonia for a few weeks before I add fish. this will also give the plants some time to start rooting.

    Take care and type to you soon.
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  7. Default She is full of water and running

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    I moved the 20 Gal and started setting up the 46 gal. I am super tired and my wife, who calls me a nerd, is very tired of me asking for her help.

    After 3 + hours;

    I have everything in it and running except all the plants and fish. It will be a while before they go in.

    I dosed it with amonia, prime, bio clear not in that exact order. I just have a sponge and carbon in right now I will let the water clear up and clean the prefilter and add the bio media.

    I have the other filter and bio media seeding in the other tank.

    I did have a plant from the other tank it was to much for it so I dropped in this tank just to see some green in it.

    Does anyone know where to get longer intake tubes for the aqua clear 50s?

    Let me know what you think so far.
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    Last edited by Sirex; 02-26-2011 at 03:42 AM.

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    Default me like...

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    Looking great! i like the driftwood in there and how you did the bubblers...

    how did you end up moving the 20 gallon? I was imagining something like moving a pizza, sliding something underneath, (plywood) then just lifting the plywood to transport. I was out of town so i couldn't give that suggestion in time for your move...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirex
    Today I bought a 46 Gallon oak bow front with stand, glass top, and Light for $80.00 used.
    Below are some pictures of the new tank and stand one with out water and one with water.
    I am thinking about setting this tank up as river bed from south america. I want to have live plants.
    Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.

    $80 thats a really great deal!!
    I have the exact same set up except tank & stand are black - i love the bow front & will be a little sad to sell it at the end of this yr...but i need bigger & realized the 80g bow front is to0 tall for me to maintain...

    i'm wondering if u know how old that tank is? im just thinking of when i sell mine the kind of price range to go for.

    I think the SA river bed idea will be really nice!! If i could find the right rocks i would do something similar! the pics look great!!
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    Tank looks great! I would limit the use of your airstones as it drives off CO2 which the plants need. Maybe put them on a timer and run a few hours per day. You can buy AC50 extenstion tubes on ebay. I think the light is supposed to sit like that as it has a lip there to prevent it from falling into the tank, I guess that extra part would work if your tank were longer than your fixture hence the adjustable part. Dont be alarmed if your sword in the back loses its leaves, the leaves it has do not look aquatic so they will die off in a couple of weeks. However they will be replaced by aquatic leaves, many swords are grown emersed as they grow faster hence the more money they can be sold for.
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