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  1. Default

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    Thanks for the tip.
    The package notes that, if you do two doses 48 hours apart, you need to wait a week to do another treatment. I'll keep a close eye on the green blobs during that time.
    Interesting that you saw fizzing. I only had a milky solution.
    I paid only a few bucks, but had to get it shipped - together with shipping, my cost was close to the $15 mark as well.

  2. Default

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    One last follow-up:
    I did not dose with the BGA remover again, and returned to a regular maintenance schedule, but now making sure, I had just a little bit of nitrate in the water for plant growth (Dosing with Flourish Nitrogen, if needed).

    BGA are now completely gone! (I did end up seeing some brown "goo", as dmagerl described.) Plants are going crazy and fish are happy.

    Way-to-go UltraLife!

  3. Default

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    Interesting, Im going to give it a try. I have a BGA issue in my tank. It hasn't gotten out of control.....yet, but I don't want to risk anything. Weird thing is, my NO3 readings are 15ppm consistantly. I also have a planted tank and have just started CO2 dosing with a DIY system. Originally the BGA was only on the very upper part of my drift wood, closest to the lights (Im around 2.44 w/g) but I have now noticed it staring on my vallisnia and echinodorus cordifolius as well as my rose swords. I also have corys, so I will probably half dose also. I'll keep you all updated.

  4. Default

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    That's how my BGA started, too. And then it kept getting happier. I do have a "herd" of Panda corys by the way, and they weathered the normal dose of UltraLife without any problems, but who knows how others would respond.
    Good luck in your BGA battle, JohnnyRags! Hope the UltraLife will do its magic for you.

  5. Default

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    im hoping it will work for me as well, i inadvertently transferred it from my 10gal to my 36 gal bowfront when i upgraded. plants are starting to get a nice coat and like you my nitrate are consistently testing under 5ppm after two weeks. (only inhabitant is a betta).

    im hoping it will work for me as the ten gal was just covered in it no matter what i did. havent tried antibiotics. ive read that they work very well but its just something i dont feel like messing with if i dont have to

  6. Default

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    I can really recommend the UltraLife! Didn't want to touch the antibiotics, either.
    My tank is completely free of BGA and looks great, full of happy plants.
    Good Luck, KatzeSlaugen!

  7. Default

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    Ok, so after trying, in vain, to find UltraLife Blue Green Algae remover in my home city of Calgary, Canada. I fianally decided that the only way to get my hands on it was to order it. So, while doing 3-4 water changes per week and vacuuming up as much BGA as I could, I ordered it from Big Al's online and have just recived it today. First dose in, now to just wait and see.

    Two days ago I did a major BGA cleaning in my tank, wiped it off each plant leaf, scrubbed it off my driftwood, filter intake and heaters. Sucking it all off the gravel and tank sides. The tank looks fantastic and hopefully it will stay that way.

    Keep you all posted

  8. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    ACK, so day after I added the BGA remover, it seems to be working, the BGA has not increased since yesterday and some of it seems to be turning brown, but too soon to tell. HOWEVER my corys are not doing well. They seem to be tired (best explanation I can think of), very little movement, resting on plant leaves, driftwood and filter intakes......getting worried. Not sure if I should do a water change or ?????

  9. Default

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    ok, so second day after adding the Ultra Life BGA remover. BGA still not growing (good thing) current BGA turning brown and grey (good thing) cory cats still living, starting to look much better (good thing). Added my second dose of the BGA remover, hopefully this does the trick and my corys can get through another day or two.

  10. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your corys!! Keep cleaning the brown goo out of the tank. It ends up everywhere (especially in the filter). Good Luck!

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