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    Today I got my new couch. Goodbye green monster.. hello beautiful grey sleep inducer.
    75g not quite a FOWLR and not quite a reef with 20 Nassarius snails, 1 Scooter Blenny, 1 Firefish, 1 bicolor angelfish, 6 dwarf hermits, 1 emerald crab, a passel of Margarita snails, the biggest Turbo Snail Ive ever seen, and a partidge in a Kenya Tree.
    40gbreeder Coral/Clam Reef in the making.

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    Oct 2009
    Longmont, Co

    Awards Showcase

    Good luck with the community tank!  You WILL post pics when it's up and running!  Welcome to AC BTW - Mith for ur tank ! welcome to AC ! - Neon im not a good hug'er - rookie Grats on the fry! - Northernguy To go with your beer!  Thanks for the help! - dragoonwoman 
    Thanks for playing Mafia! - Agassizii Happy Holidays - Northernguy Hey!  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!!! - Mith Welcome to AC. - Brookfish For your pancake bunny - Cliff 
    aww thanks LOL  (Mith welling up with tears) LOL - Mith For all your help and patience!!!!! - fish00053 That was the greatist thing ever - Pele A new cory for your 10 gallon - Cliff For the  help - Rue 
    Dude that's the funniest signature I've seen on this site. Have a beer. - harpua2002 A piece of cake to thank everybody that posted in my anniversary thread for their kind words. - gadget228 For getting too close to pleco's breeding rabbits. - gadget228 Awesome sig, make me chuckle :) - FinalJenemba Merry Xmas! Hope U have a good one! Thanks for all the DIY help! :) - Mrs.JayMay23 


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    This morning the misses and I were have a little argument about something, dont even remember what, while I was making a sandwich for my lunch. The mustard bottle(brand new) was a little plugged up and I squeezed it harder than I should have. It finally shot out and I emptied half the bottle. Some was on the bread, the rest was on me. It was like half the bottle. It went up my nose, in my hair, covered my jacket, landed on my shoes, on my pants. It was everywhere.

    We both just died laughing.

    It was a messy, but very hilarious way to start my day.
    Who is "General Failure" and why is he reading my hard drive?

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    I'm up really late but I don't care cause I just finished the drums and bass
    for a song I'm working on so I'm feeling pretty good to get that out of the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrup
    It was a messy, but very hilarious way to start my day.

  5. Default Not just today....

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    Hubby finally agreed to let me put a tank in the library. It's my betta tank, my favorite and he LOVES it as much as I do.

    Every time I walk into the library now, Sunny the betta starts "flirting" with me.

    Dragoon Woman
    46 bowfront: Planted, Angelfish, Rasboras, Cories, Tetras, Otos
    25g: Planted, cherry shrimp, otos
    5g: Planted, Betta
    4g: Planted, betta
    5 horses, 7 cats, all rescued animals

  6. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragoonwoman
    Hubby finally agreed to let me put a tank in the library.
    My kind of peoples,A library,how cool is that.You mean there are more of US who still read books.(A joke everyone)

  7. Default

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    Today my Oscar was waiting for me and followed me back and forth yawning when I turned the light on in the morning. Made me very happy!

    Google is your friend. Use it!!!

  8. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragoonwoman
    Every time I walk into the library now, Sunny the betta starts "flirting" with me.
    You have a flirting betta. How fun! Would make me smile, too.

  9. Default

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    Great thread, Rue! Good to put things in perspective!
    My husband found a great deal on a used dirt bike yesterday. This is win-win for both of us - he got a bike that he loves, and we saved a bunch of money in the process (not to mention that he can get out and enjoy it instead of being stuck in the research-research-research "What do I get??" phase!)

  10. Default

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    Purchased a larger tank on Craislist with some extras. Its going to be the first time I keep more than 5 gallons. Its dirty and needs a good cleaning, but I am excited to have a "project tank" :D

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