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  1. Default Dwarf neon rainbows

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    I have a 30g 3' community tank. I have 2 angels, 4 emperor tetras, and 2 dwarf neon rainbows. I know rainbows are schooling fish, so I would like to get more, but I am concerned about over-crowding the tank. Do I have room for more rainbows, or would I have to get rid of some of the other fish first? Also, is anything unique required as far as caring for the rainbows goes?

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    You could add a few more, but in my experience with them it seems as though they are the first to exihibit symptoms of stress with the fish I've kept them with. So, keep that in mind when making your decision.
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    I agree. They get no larger than most tetra's so more would be great.

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  4. Default

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    2 angels+everything else is too much. Just 2 angels fill up the tank when adults.
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    Dwarf rainbows do grow to a decent size, and are better suited to at least a 4' tank. The more crowded they are the greater the conspecific aggression between them. Larger numbers are helpful to spread it around so that any one fish doesn't get stressed to death by the dominant male/s.

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    I have a 10 gallon tank with 6 gold tetras, 2 rhino shrimp and 3 dwarf neon rainbows and nothing has died since I got the fish. I do not know about angels, but I would think you would be okay.

  7. Default

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    It depends on the disposition of each Angel fish at maturity. Two angels in a 30 gallon tank is risky, unless they are a matched pair. Even if they are a matched pair, they may kill every other fish in the tank if and when they mate.

    This is what I would do if this were my tank (which it is not). I would keep one Angel Fish and rehome the other. Todd is right about the dwarf neons. To keep a sizable school, you'll need more room than a 30 gallon tank offers.
    If you end up with more than one male dwarf neon, they will chase the female dwarf neons until they are stressed and subject to disease or parasites. I'd rehome the dwarf neon rainbows. I'd add more emperor tetras for a larger school, say 8 - 10 total. Add a BN pleco and\or cory cats and you've got a stocked tank.

    1 Angel
    8 - 10 Emporers
    1 BN Pleco
    5-6 Corys of your choice.

  8. Default neon rainbow

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    Hi All,

    I am new at this and have recently started keeping fish. Is it possible to keep neon rainbow and leopard danio's in the same aquarium or do they swim too quickly for the neon's?


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    I'd add more. They are the same size as tetra's and won't take up much room.

    Lynn......You should post your questions in your own thread.

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