I actually got out of the house today!

Mom was going out to staples to shop for a new computer chair, as the one in the living room was falling apart and on the verge of collapse. I wanted to go to the bookstore, so she took me with her. When we got to the mall I discovered her ulterior motive for taking me along: chair testing. If my wide behind can fit comfortably in the chair, then my dad's should be able to, too XD

I did get into the bookstore and finally used the gift card Michelle gave me for Christmas. I ordered a copy of Transformers: Autocracy through the bookstore's website. Mom got herself a bluetooth device for her car, a clipboard for dad, and a fancy new computer chair. While in the mall, I checked out an exhibit by the Newfoundland Insectarium (live and mounted insects, plush toys, stickers, educational books, etc), and came home with two mounted butterflies in a picture-frame display case. I also stopped by the Bulk Barn for some of the trail mix I love, and got some copper blond hair dye at Wal-Mart.

I also came home with a candy apple. Can't forget the candy apple :D