Today has been one of those days that just wants to make you punch a hole in the wall. Mom and I went out early; she wanted to go to the Bell Aliant store and get something with out FiberOp straightened out. I wanted to go into Sandy's GMV (games-music-videos, the local used game/DVD/etc store) and work out what to do about a game I'd paid for them to hold for me but they sold on me. I took in three other old games to trade with me. They game me $10 in-store credit for the game they sold on me, so I used that and the trade-ins I brought to get Halo 3 for my xbox 360.

The day went downhill when we got to the Aliant store. Grand Lake Rd, the main highway out of Sydney, was literally bumper-to-bumper with traffic. It took us a half hour to get from the Zellers mall to the highway on-ramp. I didn't go into the store with mom, so I'm not entirely sure about the details, but Bell is going back on the deal they gave mom when we signed up for FiberOP, and she is in a foul mood because of it. I'm going to be avoiding her for the next few days.

Just to make things even better, we got home to discover that the dog had pooped on the living room rug. He's in deep trouble with both of us. He'd better stay hidden tonight.

After waiting for two months, I FINALLY got my surgery date to get the crash debris removed from my lower lip. On January 11th I will be going in for that surgery.

On the upside, we've also got someone interested in buying the house we're selling. Keeping our fingers crossed that she'll get the financing and buy it.