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    Default EBJD Breeding Info (Long Read)

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    Ok so no one get screwed up I am Nano Cichlids on aquaria central thus the reason it says nano linage

    well i just bought 2 EBJD from RICK on All Things Dempsey, one is 4in the other is 2in only the smaller one is to young to sex but the 4in is a male. When they come in on Thursday I'm going to move female Jack Dempsey 1 & 3 to the left side of the breeding tank as they are my only females that are capable of breeding. The 2in EBJD will go one the right side for grow out with female Jack Dempsey 2. Then when my work finally gets EBJD in ill buy one more to grow out. This way ill always have fresh blood to cross lines with.

    for now it looks like this

    (EBJD #1) 4in = Hollywood Lineage
    (EBJD #2) 2in = Hollywood Lineage
    (EBJD #3) 1.5in = Wholesale Lineage

    (JD #1) 3in = Nano Cichlid Line
    (JD #2) 2in = Wholesale Line 2
    (JD #3) 2in = Wholesale Line 2

    so if I cross (EBJD #1) x (JD #1) then i get 100% Blue Gene Nano Cichlid Lineage which will be called (Family #11) for short.

    Then cross EBJD (#2) with Jack Dempsey (#2) to get 100% Blue Genes which I'm going to call Nano-Hollywood Lineage called (Family #22)

    The I repeat the step above but with EBJD (#3) and JD (# 3) that gives us again 100% Blue Genes Called Nano Cichlid Lineage then (Family #33)

    This Gives us

    (EBJD #1) X (JD #1) = Family #11 called BGJD Nano Cichlid Lineage
    (EBJD #2) X (JD #2) = Family #22 called BGJD Nano-Hollywood Lineage
    (EBJD #3) X (JD #3) = Family #33 called BGJD Nano Cichlid Lineage

    Then take one female from (Family #11) spawn and place it with (EBJD #3) I then get

    Blue Gene (Family #11) x (EBJD #3) = 50% EBJD & 50% Blue Gene from Nano Family 11 Lineage. All Blue Genes will be sold or discarded with ill then call this line (EBJD #11 family)

    I’m Also going to try this method in another tank this was pointed out by aglarond

    cross a (Family #11) BGJD with a (Family #33) BGJD. Both family (#11) and family (#33) fish are 100% not inbred, as all of the parents came from different gene pools. This means that the offspring of the Family (#11) and Family (#33) cross will also be 100% not inbred. But this Equals 25% normal JDs, 50% BGJDs, and 25% EBJDs.

    So any EBJD that survive or I raise from this will be called (family #1133) or aglarond based lines

    EBJD #1 will be crossed with a Blue Gene from (Family #33) which gives me

    50% EBJD 50% Blue Gene from Nano-Hollywood Lineage aka (Family #33) BUT WAIT!!!!! This family number is already being used!!!! So you take number #1 (pretend #1 is really #100) and add it to #33 and which equals family #133 but all of the blue genes will be discarded with ill then call (family #133) EBJD Line #133

    So ill have EBJD from Family numbers 100, & 133. And BGJD from Family numbers 11, 22, 33, & 100……

    You Get This Outcome
    EBJD Family #1133
    EBJD Family #133
    BGJD Family #11
    BGJD Family #22
    BGJD Family #33
    BGJD Family #1133

    But wait there’s one more EBJD #2 Ill cross #2 with any Blue genes from family #2100 as strong data from many Breeders leads to the fact that they will be the healthiest Blue Genes from my project.

    So it will get me to Family #2100 which is going to be called Strong Stock. These are the EBJD i will be selling for pick up only... and to local fish stores.

    Depending on the strength of the other family's will determine if i sell any of them.

    So at the end we get

    EBJD Family #1133 = {Original} (Hollywood X Nano) X (Wholesale X Wholesale 2)
    EBJD Family #133 = {Original} Hollywood Lineage
    EBJD Family #2100 = {Original} Hollywood Lineage
    BGJD Family #11 = {Original} Hollywood Lineage X Nano
    BGJD Family #22 = {Original} Hollywood X Wholesale 2
    BGJD Family #33 = {Original} Wholesale X Wholesale 2
    BGJD Family #1133 = {Original} (Hollywood X Nano) X (Wholesale X Wholesale 2)

    Family #1133 can no longer be breed with any other EBJD without inbreeding, for this family I will not do any inbreeding at all…. They will be the Strongest of the EBJD and BGJD!!!!!

    As you can see my family format with numbers (I.E #213) will show which EBJD and which JD were used to produce Nano Lineage.

    just thought id share with anyone out there who truly cares about my project

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    Jul 2008
    So Cal

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    Wow! That was confusing but I still understood it! Lots of work there!!
    The Liver Is Evil!! Therefore; It Must Be Punished!!

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    first pics shows Jack Dempsey Number 1
    2nd pics shows Jack Dempsey Number 2
    3rd and 4th show EBJD Number 2
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by nano cichlids; 08-16-2008 at 05:42 PM.

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    1st and 2nd show EBJD #1
    3rd was a repeat my bad
    4th and 5th show jack Dempsey #3
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by nano cichlids; 08-16-2008 at 05:43 PM.

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    Feb 2009
    Maywood, NJ

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    How is your project going? It always looks good on paper but making it happen isn't always the easiest.

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    Wow its been a long time since I posted! Project went well here's one of the best EBJD I've ever had he's going to be a great breeder! Currently have a spawn right now being raised and big pair of BGJD.

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