Decided to set up another marine tank. My 20g I tore down about a year ago was a disaster. I diving back to the salty side.

Currently what I've got:
10g tank
hood w/2x10w CF 6500K bulbs
CPR BakPak (MJ1200)
6lbs LR
3lbs dry rock
Koralia 1
Heater(won't need it for a few weeks, if ever)

I went to the LFS today, just to look(which we all know never happens). I just had to buy myself the LR and dry rock. Nothing was ready at home. I had $76 in gift certificates, and I still have $20 left. I

get home, crank up the RO/DI unit. I grab some 5g buckets. I fill one with tap water, the other with RO/DI. I go rummage through the basement to find all the stuff from the 20g. I come up with the CPR and Koralia 1 and a wee bit of salt.

All the way up two flights of stairs, back in my room. I realize how little salt I actually have. Barely enough to get 4g of water to a SG of 1.023. I got my 5g bucket with a pump and mixed up the SW, then threw in the LR and called it a day.

Plans for Day 2:

Go back to the LFS and get salt
Fill up the tank and mix the salt
Get everything working
Put in my LR
Put in some sand.
Start letting my dry rock leech out in a bucket of FW

Looking forward to seeing what little hitchhikers I got with my LR. FTS will be up tomorrow. Yes it will be boring, but it's a nice reference to look back at some day.