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  1. Default Stocking a 55 gallon tank with cichlids!

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    Im going to get a 55 gallon tank and I wanted to know what I could put in it. Here are some fish I want to put in it, what combinations of these fish can I put in. I know that I cannot put all of them.

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
    Jack Dempsey Cichlid
    Red devil cichlid
    Texas Cichlid
    Midas Cichlid
    Red Parrot Cichlid
    Jaguar Cichlid
    Blue Acara Cichlid
    Green Terror
    Flowerhorn Cichlid
    Firemouth Cichlid
    Uaru cichlid

    Your advice will be appreciated!

  2. Default

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    You could put one of almost any of these fish in a 55. Some of them get a little big though. Its kind of hard to give you advice on that many fish though. Some of these fish you can only have one in any size tank due to aggresion.

    What are your plans for the tank. Do you want more than one fish? Do you want live plants? Are any of these fish a must have? Just need a little more info to work with.
    Empty 10g
    20g figure 8 puffer
    65g FW Community
    125g African Cichlid community

  3. Default

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    thanks for the reply,
    Im not planning on doing any plants
    Im looking for a good 2 or 3 of these in a tank, not too many as I know they get big.
    I really like the jack dempseys, green terrors, Red devil and oscars.
    I want some bigger fish that are colorful

  4. #4


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    electric blue dempsey's are suppose to be the more mellow of the colors,as far as temperament.

  5. Default

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    You could keep one JD in a 55 but for a pair you really need a bigger tank like a 75.

    Oscars get to big and to dirty to keep more than one in a 55.

    Red devils you can only have one per tank. They are very aggresive. They will kill anything and everything.

    That leaves the GT. They are the smallest of the group. You might be able to keep two idk about 3 in a 55. They would be your best bet I think

    I say I think becaues im no expert on these fish.
    Empty 10g
    20g figure 8 puffer
    65g FW Community
    125g African Cichlid community

  6. Default

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    If it were me I would get some of the Blue Acara or Firemouths. Then I would get a school of 8-12 of the larger tetras, like Bleeding Hearts as dithers.
    Last edited by openbook; 01-14-2011 at 07:11 PM.

  7. Default Jaguar Cichlids

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    Could i put one jaguar cichlid and a couple of small rams?

  8. #8


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    Quote Originally Posted by briang6
    Could i put one jaguar cichlid and a couple of small rams?
    The rams would make expensive feeders for the jag...
    Quote Originally Posted by i_am_511
    Lighten up its just the internet its not like someone came in your house and punched a baby in the face.

  9. Default Blue acara

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    How many Blue acaras could i put in? Could I also put some blood parrots and firemouths in the same tank with them?

  10. Default

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    You could probably have 2-3 blue acara and 2-3 firemouths while they are small. But when they get full size 5-6 inches it might be too many fish for the tank. As long as they get along it would be okay. Those fish are supposed to be peaceful but a breeding pair will get agressive during breeding season.

    Blood parrots are supposed to be pretty mellow but because of the deformities with their mouths you would want to keep them as a single species in the tank.

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