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Thread: Firemouths!

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    here is some pics from the internet.To show why this is such a popular cichlid.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by skullduggery1
    They get 6 inches maybe slightly larger,males are larger with longer fins.water temps 76 -81 degrees.keep a group of six then pairs will form intermittently.feed small crustaceans and high fiber dry foods.They are from rivers in the yucatan in mexico and found in guatemala.Sometimes even in submerged caves.Medium to large barbs,and some larger biosterious tetra species will work with them.Red tailed sharks and some species of catfish also.No three spot gourami's.Kissing and giant gourami's will be okay.
    How about pictus catfish? Probably shouldn't have anything else in there though they are spawning though right?

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    no, not if they are spawning,The info for bloodworms(midge larva)comes from a publication from Barron's compass guides,written by Dr. Ulrich Schliewen.
    Last edited by skullduggery1; 01-11-2011 at 07:27 PM.

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    What specifically do you feed yours?

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    ghost shrimp,high percent omega 3 and spirulina flake,raw table shrimp,scallops,thawed frozen peas,Live large brine shrimp.Hikari gold floating pellets.

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    So what did you feed on a regular? And the others as treats?

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    The pellets and flake,twice a week shrimp or scallops and peas ,then brine and ghost once a week as treats.but some ghost usually get away and populate the tank for a live food source.tend not to live long if there is a nocturnal fish in there.Blood worms and tubifex are from less than desirable waters,even when farmed,murky,sewage area's.okay for rice paddy and ditch fish.but firemouth are from well filtered waters hence the colorful displays.Asia has practices of pumping livestock and even human waste into farmed flooded areas.i suppose if anyone whats proof of this it is the reason for a lot of E coli outbreaks.

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    Awesome! Good info! What about live feeder fish when they are older? Or earthworms? So you don't recommend frozen blood worms to any tropical fish? I feed them to my ghost knife fish right now. Know anything about bgk? What I should feed him instead?

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    earthworms are fine.guppies will just make them more aggresive towards other ghosts are from dark tanin stained waters and are hard to feed.Live black worms are good ,but hard to find.But you might try frozen brine for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticklemekevin10
    Oh ya speaking of!!! Last time I went to a certain chain pet store ( ends with a co ) haha they had firemouth convict and African cichlids all in one tank! Not cool!
    You see all kinds of fish mixed together at fish stores because they are little more than fry and are only in a store for a few days before being sold. That does not mean because the store has them in tanks together, that it's bad. The store is simply a storage area for them for a few days.

    Firemouths are only aggressive with their own kind. Mates are good but odd -man- out will be harassed to death. Nothing for firemouths to have 400 fry at a time, either.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 01-11-2011 at 09:24 PM.

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