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View Poll Results: Convict or firemouth

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  • Convict

    7 30.43%
  • Firemouth

    16 69.57%
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  1. Default Convict or firemouth?

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    Hey everyone hope you can help me out with something! I was thinking of putting 2 breeding convicts or firemouth in a 30 gal tank alone... Which one should I go with? Any other breed you would recommend? And I put another fish in with them? Thanks!


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    Either would work, but if you are successful in breeding them, it is more difficult to rehome convict fry. There are many choices of larger bodied tetras that can go with the firemouths, not sure about the convicts as I have never kept them.

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  3. Default

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    What about 2 firemouth and one convict?

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    Firemouths without a doubt. Not so mean and you can actually have a few community fish with them.

  5. #5


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    Check this thread, IMO there aren't many better cichlids for a 30 gallon community tank. They're definitely more mellow than firemouths, don't claim as much territory. A pair of firemouths needs a 4' tank.
    I have 2 29's and a 40 packed with growing juvies, so get some while they're young and cheap. Once the last batch I grew out started pairing off proven spawning pairs were selling for $40 on aquabid.

    ^^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks.

  6. Default

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    I like Keyholes in a comm tank also.

  7. Default

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    if you go community and like cichlids, blue rams are great, attractive, peaceful cichlids.

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    -Sun Tzu

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    Those are very cool, Todd. I like them a lot.

  9. Default

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    cool thanks guys! can a ram be in a tank with breeding firemouths though?

  10. #10


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    You really need at least a 4' tank to keep anything else with a breeding pair of firemouths. They're not a big fish but they do claim a relatively large territory. A 30 gallon tank doesn't leave enough space for other fish to get far enough away to avoid being constantly stressed out by the breeding pair.
    It's also a good idea to have something that will eat excess fry. A breeding pair of just about any mid-size cichlid will produce well over 100 fry when they start, and brood size increases as the parents grow larger. Once they start spawning they usually continue for some time before taking a break, 4-6 consecutive spawns are common.
    I also have proven breeding pairs of Cryptoheros cutteri available. They're a similar size (and closely related) to convicts, but much easier to get along with in general. I have several breeding pairs in a 36x18" tank along with loads (~50+) of BN pleco's growing out. There's also a zebra knife in that tank to eat the fry, the only thing that keeps their population under control. You wouldn't be able to keep that many firemouths or convicts together once they matured w/out casualties among the cichlids and the pleco's at least being beat up. I don't even find any split fins among them though.

    ^^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks.

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