I notice, occasionally, when mine are sitting on the substrate, perfectly still, they occasionally gape their mouths open in what appears to be a bored yawn, then close their mouths again. They don't repeat it in rapid succession like a fish would if it was struggling for oxygen. I don't think they do it because of any lack of oxygen or bad water, they just seem to do this naturally. May have something to do with the way they take in air from the water? I've read that Dojos, when out of water, can survive for quite some time because of a special way they process air or because of some special air mechanism they have. Like they store it within them or something. I'll have to find that article, again.

Not worried or anything, just am wondering if anyone else has seen their Dojos do this? I think it's cute. It really does look like they're bored or sleepy.

-- mermaidwannabe