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    Default Running muliple tanks off one pump

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    Ive been looking everywhere for some info on how to set up 2 tang tanks with a sump using one pump and heater I know the problems that can be caused with disease and infections but its something i would like to try its just Im not sure on how to set it up.
    If someone would have a link or vid it would be much appreciated

    regards les

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    Have both tank's overflows run into the same sump. Then just split your return line in 2 and have ball valves on each so you can control the flow to each tank.
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    Nothing particularly complicated, just make sure that your return pump has enough flow to properly circulate the water from both tanks.

    As for disease problems, a good idea would be to put UV sterilizers on the water returns from each tank. That way the sump doesn't get contaminated if one of the tanks has a disease/algea/whatever outbreak.
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    cheers for the help guys, Micheal think i misread your reply I was on nightshift when i replied half asleep thought for one moment you were talking about ball cock valves lol sorry for the dumb reply

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