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  1. Default Somebody try these New led lights yet?

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    I was looking at a new catalog and saw these nice Led lights that sell for $800. for 23 1/5 inch light set up but is good for Reef tanks.
    No heat to speak of.
    So has anybody tried them?



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    I have done a little research on them, and they sell some at my mom and pop lfs, I have also seen them used on some tanks they set up (small planted tanks, less than 15-20gal) There are cheaper ones you can get that are made for freshwater...I 1: haven't tried one because an led is more focused light, meaning you might need two for a wider tank and 2: I haven't had the $$ to squander on an experiment. If it truely does work and allow plants to grow as well, (which I suspect is true) that would be awesome and cut power consumption to a fraction for lighting.
    my two cents

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    I've done research on making DIY LED light systems and they're not really cheap even when you go DIY. LEDs can be gotten in many Kelvin temp ratings and output levels. As long as the light is of the proper frequency (Kelvin temp) and sufficient output (lumens) then to the fish/corals/plants there should be little difference if any.

    These high output LEDs do produce a good bit of heat. If one was doing DIY that has to be taken into account. If one's purchasing a retail fixture it's not as important but don't assume they're cool running. It's just not enough to really cause an issue with water temp like you'd have with an incandescent lamp such as HID or Halide. LED fixtures do use a LOT less electricity though. Compound that with the long 'bulb' life of LED fixtures and it's very tempting. I just can't afford such a fixture so like just about everything else around me, I have to make it if I want it bad enough.


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    Good answer here is what I am talking about.

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    IMO, LED fixtures are not yet up to par a reason to make the switch...pun intended. They are very expensive, and for most people its not worth the little bit of electricity savings to toss their HOT5s out. Sure LEDs have a longer life per bulb, I think it is around 50K hours max. Of course to ensure the quality of lighting one should probably toss them around 30-40K hours max...which is about 12 years of average use. HOT5s bulbs on the other hand need to be replaced yearly. But considering the fixtures are much cheaper and the bulbs are much cheaper, the HOT5 still wins the cost war.

    I can see LEDs being the future to lighting, but I personally feel more research is needed and cheaper ways to build quality fixtures to really make them marketable for the average hobbyist.
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    I think LED lights, epecially blue, are good for moonlighting. They give a completely new look to the aquarium. I have been thinking over this for some time now and intend to purchase them soon. They also seem fine to me for regular lighting in non planted/artificially planted tanks, but I do not know the ratings to be sure they will be fine for planted tanks.

    I have used LED lights (not in an aquarium though) and I find them to be a good source of lighting. I have also read the posts on the cost of LED lighting and seen one of the links. It seems to be a very expensive set of lighting in the USA, especially if one has to purchase from a pet store or aquarium equipment supplier. I dont live in the US and the costs here are different. USD 800 is way too much and I would not be interested if I had to pay such amounts.

    The ones I have are stick on LED strips which can be stuck on to the hood either outside or inside the lighting cover. The strips have a peel off sticker on the back to help you stick it neat and clean. You can buy as many metres (or inches) of the strip as you like at about USD 10-15 per metre (40 inches). The lights also need an adaptor to connect to the mains and that costs an additional USD 25 or so. For a 30g - 50g tank you will need anywhere between 1-3 metres of lighting, costing approximately USD 35 - USD 75.

    Once I get some for my tank, I shall try and post pictures.
    Last edited by vinodjbhatia; 12-20-2010 at 12:09 PM.

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    Another fellow reefer that goes to the same SW LFS as I do has just ordered a very expensive LED light fixture.

    He has a wide range of both hard and soft corals in his tank. I'm going to be really interested in his opinions once he has this fixture in use for a few weeks.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff
    Another fellow reefer that goes to the same SW LFS as I do has just ordered a very expensive LED light fixture.

    He has a wide range of both hard and soft corals in his tank. I'm going to be really interested in his opinions once he has this fixture in use for a few weeks.

    So will I.
    I have seen the pictures in the Catalog and looked great, the only drawback is the price $1600.00 for two 23.5 inch long ones.

    Dang that is some big bucks right there.
    But then again the cost of MH are $70.00 bucks a bulb per year and that is the low end not the 20,000K or the high end 14,000k
    So after a two years a savings of $300.00 to $400.00 and as Killer said 10 years well that brings the savings up to $3000.00 .
    Anyway by the time 10 years comes around they might have some once in a lifetime bulb system that runs off of plasma or something along those lines.

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    Well I was looking for a new canopy (12 x 30 inches) and the one I picked has LED lighting. The white LED's are rated at 6000k while the blue ( night veiwing) are way down in lumens, 600 lumens I think.

    I was reading an artical refering to the amount of useful light vs wasted light for the tropical aquarium and it looks like the LED sectrum will be just fine for live plant. Since I just planted three live plants in that tank yesterday I will see if the artical has merritt.

    The fish, plants and rocks look awesume under the white lighting which says it has a "shimmer effect". At night I switch to the blue lighting and it is something to see.
    The canopy with lighting was under $100.00 Can. from the local shop.
    It is a Marineland product with a three year warranty.
    Warning; Bulldog Pleco guarding my Sons tank now..

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    I'm running an ecoxotic panorama single strip, pretty impressed with it but it does give out a bit of heat... the heatsync part on the back can be almost uncomfortable to touch at times.

    if you're really thinking about getting an LED fixture, forgo the ecoxotic and get an aquailluminations...

    I've heard awesome things about this one and its not too expensive... big plus is that the blue and white are both dimmable.

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