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    fishluvr, thanks for clarifying this. You were posting at the same time I was, so my last post fell below yours. I did see what you are referring to on the unit, but that isn't a "slot" and it isn't a "hole". No wonder I was confused!

    Okay, then, knowing this, I am willing to try again. But I just wish whoever writes those directions would be more accurate in their language, so there is no doubt as to where things should go and what they should rest upon, against, etc.

    Maybe I should be writing product instructions????

    -- mermaidwannabe
    20 gal. high: planted; 8 white cloud minnows, 10 RCS, 2 blue shrimp, several snails; AC50, Azoo air. 65 gal: planted; 7 rosy barbs, 6 glofish,, 2 zebra danios, 6 rosy red (fathead) minnows, 3 dojo loaches, several snails; AC110 x 2.

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    Oct 2009
    Longmont, Co

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    My AC took some fidgeting. I have one of the lucky ones you have to poke the impeller to get it started and one time I had a terrible time getting it to pull water. Turns out that even though it looked like it was all seated right, it was still a bit off. Took some manhandling, but I got it back into place. I would check to make sure it is all the way in.

    Check that it is pushed both all the way back into the little slot for it, then that it is all the way down. Then check that it is all the way back again. Even if it looks all the way in, if it looks a little uneven on the top, it still has a little way to go.

    Frustrating I know, took me 30 minutes of priming, removing, checking the impeller for debris, putting it back, over and over until I noticed it wasn't snapping in all the way. I ended up snapping it in near the bottom of the u-tube and sliding it down.

    sorry you are having such trouble with it.
    Who is "General Failure" and why is he reading my hard drive?

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    Thank you, Scrup.

    See, this is what I mean. Mine didn't "snap" anywhere. It finally rested tight against the plastic, but it didn't "snap" and it didn't "click", even though the directions used exactly that wording, "click". That's what I was expecting to happen.

    And to have to fiddle and fidget with it for 30 minutes -- that's outrageous! I guess I'll have to be prepared to have to baby it along, some. Now that I understand what they're talking about as to where and how that u-tube is supposed to be seated, maybe it won't give so much trouble.

    What do you mean, having to "poke the impeller"? Shouldn't it just work, if everything else is right?

    I'm leary, folks, but I'll give it another go.

    -- mermaid
    20 gal. high: planted; 8 white cloud minnows, 10 RCS, 2 blue shrimp, several snails; AC50, Azoo air. 65 gal: planted; 7 rosy barbs, 6 glofish,, 2 zebra danios, 6 rosy red (fathead) minnows, 3 dojo loaches, several snails; AC110 x 2.

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    Hang in there, you'll get it running
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    You think Aquaclear instructions are bad - try reading an Eheim canister manual. You can tell they were translated into english. That was the worst manual I'd read in quite some time, and I was completely new to canister filters.

    I've wished any number of times that manuals were written clearly and concisely, too. Frustrating. I feel your pain, lol.

    But they really are a good filter. I've two and no complaints.
    20gal long planted community

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    Mermaid, I think you are taking the directions a little to literally, and this is causing you to misunderstand something. There is a click when you install the U-tube properly, however that click doesn't come from the u-tube snapping into the "channel" over the impellor hole. It actually comes from where the top of the u-tube snaps into the body of the filter. So, in a sense, it does "click" into that channel, but the click doesn't come from the channel. There is a "slot" on the body of the filter where u-tube goes over the edge of the tank and into the filter, and I find that you actually have to apply pressure to both "ends" of the u-tube to get that click.
    Considering a Marine Aquarium? A Breakdown of the Components, Live Rock, Cycling a Marine Tank

    "The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The WILLINGNESS to learn is a choice." - Unknown

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    The mechanics of filters is very simple...trash the instructions and listen to the people on the forum. AquaClears have not changed design at all since I have been in the hobby, they have not needed to. Their design is very simple yet excellent for quality filtration. I have an old AquaClear 500 which over 12 years old and still runs like the brand new ones I just received last week. The issue is not the filter unless that individual one is quirky. Im sure you could also find a YouTube video tutorial on how to work the filter, if that helps.
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    2x75Gs coming soon

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    I also struggle with the instructions, assemblying and starting my AC-70 the first time, but it is worth it to get it working. It is a great pump with unsurpassed filter media capacity.

    As the instructions are a source of irritation, set them aside and study how the parts fit together.

    Maybe this will help:

    * Ensure the U-Tube is all the way down into the elongated slot.
    * Ensure the lift tube is pushed all the way into the slot in the housing.
    * Priming Tricks:
    It helps to have the aquarium full, as the pump does not have to lift the water as high.
    Set the tank lid and the filter lid aside. Get some sort of plastic container to dip water with, about 1-2 pints in size. Dip it full from the aquarium and pour it into the filter. Keep doing that while you start the filter, and keep on dipping and pouring. Eventually all or nearly all of the air in the U-Tube will get sucked out. If it does not work perfectly, try stopping the pump and starting over. Each attempt usually removes some of the air. You can also try moving the tube left or right, to the high or low volume settings.

    If you can, try to set aside the factory instruction issues. Maybe they aren't perfect, but that is not unique to Aqua Clear. Step back, take a breather and try again. Once you get it working, you probably will never read them again.

    Good luck to you, and hope you try again and get it going.
    125g Planted Community - Rena XP-4, Rena XP3
    Angels, Dora Cory Cats, Glass Cat Fish, Gouramis, Scissor Tails, High Fin Black Skirt Tetras, Snails
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    1g 1 Siamese Fighting Fish, Snails
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    My first yime i set up an AC it took me some time to get the mechanics of it but since then i got very fast at assembling and getting it running. Yah i remember my manual looked like it said the tube going to the impeller should snap in and it doesnt. But iy worked so i let it go lol. It usually takes a cup or so of aquarium waterfor it to get the water coming up. I find
    that the more i fill the impeller side up the faster it gets going. At the worst on a new set up i think 10 seconds at worst. My biggest beef with AC is that the smaller ones seem not as well built(probably just my subjective opinion) and te smaller ones seem much louder. I do love my AC 110 though.

    If u did everything correctly and dont see water making its way up the intake tube then somethin is definitely wrong with it i think. My experience is with 3 ACs of various sizes. Hope u get things up and running soon, you will learn to love the simplicity and ease of maintenance of an AC=)
    30g goldie tank :1 x Red Cap Oranda 1x Fantail

    50G Cichlid tank(Work in progress)
    -Rena xP3 Canister filter
    -Aquaclear 110 HoB

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    Thanks, everybody, for filling me in on what the instructions obviously omit. Except for telling me to fill the basket chamber completely with water, they don't mention word one about any of the other stuff you've informed me about. Some directions! Might as well fly by the seat of one's pants, as the old saying goes.

    Okay. I have added this page to my favorites menu to refer back to quickly when I give this another go. I do like the concept of the three different medias that filter in different ways, and that are replaced at different times for each so that the filter is never without the beneficial bacteria. In fact, the warn you to never change all three media at the same time. I like that idea, and it makes sense.

    Again, I thank everyone. I think my fish will be thanking you all, too.

    -- mermaidwannabe
    20 gal. high: planted; 8 white cloud minnows, 10 RCS, 2 blue shrimp, several snails; AC50, Azoo air. 65 gal: planted; 7 rosy barbs, 6 glofish,, 2 zebra danios, 6 rosy red (fathead) minnows, 3 dojo loaches, several snails; AC110 x 2.

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