I noticed the loss of my little African dwarf frog a few days ago and mentioned it to my wife this morning.She came home with 2 of them this afternoon for me!Thats cool,but how they were sold isn't.She got them at Hallmark store if ya can believe that.They were in a tiny 5" cube with some ugly blue gravel and 1 tiny twig of bamboo for "aeration",,,,yeah right.The directions state you only need to do a 50% water change every 3months as the "living gravel" { I assume they are trying to say the gravel is the bio filter] another yeah right. I didn't take a pic of them in there because I could think of nothing else but getting them out of there and into my tank,which I did.What a scam these things are.I appreciate the gift for sure and she knew it wasn't a good situation for them,but she payed 20 bucks for them!