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  1. Default Rhaethe's 5g Hex Thing

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    This was my first ever tank after getting back into the hobby. It's went through a -lot- of adventures and phases. Figured I'd go ahead and start a journal on it to share in the ... adventure

    First, the specifics.

    Just ye ol Marineland 5g Hex kit.

    I received it as a gift, and it came with its own lid, hood, filter, etc.

  2. Default

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    I don't have pictures from the very very early days, but close enough.

    The very first deco theme consisted of turquoise / blue gravel, purple and blue plastic plants, and several greco-roman resin pieces. I'm not sure how the fish swam. Seriously. It was pretty darn crowded

    Initial stock was 1 dwarf gourami and a school of zebra danios and a single emerald cory. Yeah yeah .. I know. It doesn't get any better for a bit.

    I returned the zebra danios after about 3 days ... they were just waaaaay too active. I replaced them with a school of cardinal tetras. They didn't survive. Then I got a single emerald eye rasbora, and decided to replace the greco-roman stuff with a barrel cave and some anacharis.

    The anacharis melted and or was eaten after a while by the dwarf gourami.

  3. Default

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    Not too long after, I noted where it looked like the gravel dye was leaching into the water (as evidenced by the bright blue stuff in the filter media).

    I removed said obnoxious gravel and had a barebottom tank for a bit until I could afford a different substrate.

    And here's the dwarf gourami (by this time christened Gus) looking rather nonplussed about the whole thing.

  4. Default

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    Finally found some black gravel I liked reasonably well, got it on the bottom, and snagged some anubias from PetSmart.

    I then snagged some sparkling gourami.

    Of the three that I had purchased, only one survived. The other two were ... well, offed by their sibling. So, stock around this time was one dwarf gourami, one sparkling gourami, one emerald eye rasbora, and one emerald cory. Still bad, I know.

    I stuffed some ghost shrimp in there. They did not last long. Then decided to put in an amano shrimp. He was named "Cocktail".

    For reference, this is around 3 months after I got the kit to begin with.

  5. Default

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    Then disaster strikes. The tank got tipped completely over, and sploooosh. I crap you not. Just got tipped over as the end result of a string of actions that the men in the family are still somewhat shamefaced about when/if it is ever brought up.

    Everything was saved. Except for the emerald eye rasbora.

    But I started getting the itch to redeco again. So I ditched the gravel and replaced it with Flourite black sand. Snagged some amazon swords, and frogbit for the top.

    Cocktail got replaced with some nerite snails.

    Last edited by Rhaethe; 12-17-2010 at 05:24 PM.

  6. Default

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    Then, for some reason, I felt I wanted a jungle look to the whole affair. So I got rid of the amazon swords, and replaced with spiral vals, snagged some hairgrass, and a banana plant.

    At some point in here I rehomed the baby emerald cory.

  7. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Not long after this stage, I got my 10 gallon. Pictures of the 5g phase out after a bit.

    The banana plant didn't do well ... and the hairgrass was completely mowed down and torn up by Gus. The spiral vals also melted off.

    Soooo, that all got replaced with some crypts and some sunset hygro. Gus and Sid (the sparkling gourami) got transferred to the 10g.

    The new denizen of the tank became Boris, a betta.

    Stock for the tank at this time was 1 betta, 3 emerald dwarf rasbora, 2 nerites.

    I also finally got around to replacing the stock marineland filter with an AC20. It required a little modification of the lid, but looks pretty good.
    Last edited by Rhaethe; 12-17-2010 at 05:42 PM.

  8. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Eventually, the crypts completely melted off. The hygro did well, but only wanted to grow into this single stringy mess.

    So that all got taken out. Stuffed some anubias of several varieties in there. No pictures that I can find. I wasn't particularly proud of the look during this stage. I was also pretty occupied with the new 20g I'd gotten, as well.

    The emerald dwarf rasbora school (aka zebra rasboras) got whittled down to one. Boris decided he liked only one companion in HIS tank. Said little rasbora eventually got moved to the 10g.

    The tank stayed in this state for quite some time.

    Until I noticed the anubias starting to rot out.
    Last edited by Rhaethe; 12-17-2010 at 05:50 PM.

  9. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Soooo, I took out every bit of the anubias.

    Having gotten a wild hair up my rear at this time, I also finally took out the neon barrel cave.

    Replaced with a rock and some manzanita branches.

    Lo and behold! The crypts that completely melted off months and months ago ... started to sprout once all that was done.

    So, here we are today.

    I need to do something else with it. Just too bare now.

  10. #10


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    Nice lookin so far keep up the posts I wanna see what It looks like now!

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