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Thread: Sick Ranchu

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    Default Sick Ranchu

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    A few days ago one of my ranchus started to seem a little less energetic. He has always had minor problems, constipation being one of them. That problem was solved with better food. Wounds from a few altercations with the BN pleco (that is no longer in the tank) have all healed up.

    Since he has had a lot of problems, I keep an eye on him. Two days ago he started sitting at the bottom of the tank, something he doesn't even do in his sleep. Tank parameters were 0 0 5. His poo came out white and hollow, something I had never seen him do. My diagnostic book gave 3 options. It could be caused by sandy substrate, which I don't have, internal worms or a bacterial infection in the intestines.

    I'm left with an infection or worms, but the diagnostic test for worms requires a microscope, which I don't yet own. If it is an infection, he'll be dead in the next 7 days (10 days from symptoms). Worms won't kill him that quickly, so I've opted for treating for infection for now. Flukes is another possibility because of the lethargic bahaviour, but that wouldn't explain the poo. The poo COULD be coincidental... a microscope would eliminate this doubt, but I don't have one.

    I've moved my betta from the QT tank to a large vase with a heater and a thermometer and moved the ranchu into the QT tank. Tonight I will be adding some salt, and I've already begun pimafix. He seems a little less stressed now, but still lethargic. I've ordered some stronger meds and will go to the store to pick something up for worms and for flukes.

    I don't know at what point I will begin stronger treatment. Pimafix and salt are weak, but less likely to harm him. If 2-3 days of this treatment doesn't work I will move on to the stronger treatments.
    I groom ranchus. That is all.

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    I started treatment for worms and flukes. I found something that wasn't as powerful so I could treat him for the 2 most likely candidates. He is doing a little better today. When I walk by the aquarium, he perks up, does a lap or two around the aquarium looking for food then lays back down. This is better than before, although not normal behaviour since he usually spends the whole day searching for food.

    Picked up a tiny 5gal tank last night as well... couldn't stand seeing my betta in a vase... poor guy was stressed and exhausted. He was back to normal this morning. The 5 gal tank isn't cycled, but it is better than the vase, if not for the filter than at least for the more consistent temperature.
    I groom ranchus. That is all.

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    Been examining the goldfish poo... both movements today were odd. The first was white and fuzzy at the start of it. The second was clear/hollow at the beginning and seemed filled with small white balls. I'm thinking it is worm eggs. He seems a bit more perky still.
    I groom ranchus. That is all.

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    This is turning into a blog since no one is posting... I wanted to make this public in case anyone else experiences these issues. Anyhow.

    Woke up this morning and Whisky was swimming around as if nothing was wrong. I'll be checking on him later, but he seems to be doing much better.
    I groom ranchus. That is all.

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    Getting stronger everyday. He spends most of his time moving and swimming. He does rest, but he keeps his fins moving and stirs at the smallest provocation.

    I've decided to begin removing the meds with carbon and a partial water change. Tomorrow if he is better I will put him back in the 32gal. The QT tank is not as oxygenated and is in need of cleaning. Also the betta in the 5gal isn't enjoying his stay there, partly because it isn't cycled.
    I groom ranchus. That is all.

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    Probably the last post on this subject. Today I moved Whiskey back to the 32gal tank. Not once did he lay on the bottom. He spent all morning swimming with his buddies. He seems to be acting normally; it is almost as if that week of laying on the bottom looking on the verge of death never happened.

    A 60% water change and running carbon for a day has eliminated most of the meds from the QT tank. I moved the BN pleco back into it this afternoon, and just now the betta. The betta is also back to normal... the few days out of the 15gal made him slow and spend a lot of time not moving. Now he is swimming around.

    Tonight I will test all 3 tanks. My goal is to have the 5 gal cycled, then find a place to store them... maybe the top part of the eheim filter... and then to empty the tank and put it in storage, unless I can find a home for it. The plan is to make that tank the new QT tank, since it has no gravel, plants, etc.
    I groom ranchus. That is all.

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