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    Default Anglefish OK for my tank?

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    I have a 125 gallon partially planted tank. It is stocked with 3 clown loaches, a couple of Otos, 1 Leopard Ctenopoma, 1 Convict Cichlid that is old, 2 pictus, 1 Upsidedown cat that is old and a pleco. I would like to add some Anglefish as most of my fish spend their time hiding.

    I know my tank is close to full. The water quality is good and my Upside down cat and Convct are old. So I would like to add some middle/top swimming fish.
    It looks like anglefish would be good. But I want to get other opinions.

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    I wouldn't choose Angelfish to go in your tank. The Convict will soon bully it & chew at it's fins. The Otos will probably be on the menu for the Ctenopoma once it gets big enough to eat them. It might leave them alone if you keep it well fed though.

    Personally I would stock 6 or so Rainbows. When the Con is no longer in the tank you could do a couple of Angels.
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    My Ctenopoma is about 4" long and suprisingly has not eaten the Ottos yet. My Convict is on the way out so I am looking for some fish to add once he dies.

  4. Default

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    I kept two angels and two clown loaches in the tank with a pleco and it was the perfect set up. The loaches, as you know, love to hide. The angels, however, are always noticeable. They are beautiful fish that dwell in the middle of the tanks, while the loaches typically cruise the bottom. My tank also had a 12" pleco and some bolivian rams. Hope this helps a bit.
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    You say the convict is old but not how old. They can live for 10 years so if he's only 4 or 5 years, he's not old at all.

    I also think Angels in this tank is not a good idea and keeping pleco's with any flat-sided fish not a good idea, either. Some pleco's will suck the slime coat of flat-sided fish like Discus, angels, silver dollars, etc. (Some, not all.)
    But adding new angels to a tank with an older convict doesn't seem like good advice to me.

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    The con is the problem.Ive never had any of my plecs touch my angels when I had them but that dont mean it doesnt happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smaug
    The con is the problem.Ive never had any of my plecs touch my angels when I had them but that dont mean it doesnt happen.

    I've heard this for years but never seen it either with Discus or Angels that I've owned. Just get the Plecos that stay smaller. Bristlenose are usually recommended with Angels and Discus fish. And fact many Discus and Angel breeders also sell them.


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    Default Angels and Cichlids

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    Ive tried keeping angels with some different SA CA cichlids and it didnt go so well.. Ive seen it done with the more peaceful SA/CA cichlids like sevs and rainbow cichlids, however, it didnt work for me. The Angels were picked on. At one point i had Convicts too and yet again, still picked on. Honestly, at the time, everyone was about the same size...ish


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    In addition to all the good stuff thats been said, clown loaches are schooling and need a 'minimum' of 6 individuals.

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    Why are we responsing to threads nearly 3 years old?

    eroc1085......please check the dates of threads

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