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    @ OP,

    If you're getting domesticated discus, don't mess with the pH but keep water consistent so that you don't have to worry about the peat.

    I don't like keeping discus in groups smaller than 6. It's doable but 6 is just a good number to go by in terms of pecking order and general experience in keeping discus fishes.

    Angels can be kept with discus but you'll need a bigger tank.

    As far as dither fishes go, generally, any tetras should be safe so long as they're healthy and can out run a hungry and mean adult discus, .

    @ Sandz

    Congos are fine.
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    I have a growing school of neon tetras (i say growing because it's so hard to get a round number to survive). I just purchased 10 and 7 survived, i'm trying to get a school of 20, right now I have 14. I will be ordering and picking up my discusfrom Hans ( sometime after christmas. His shop is about 10 minutes form my house and I had no idea! After the fish are in the tank and settled i will update the thread in my sig, so check in a few weeks for updates!

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    Been a LONG time, but the Discus are still thriving. Here's a few pics.

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    What a nice tank! Great job!
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    Nice tank indeed, I was reading the start of your thread before I realised how old it was. Nice to see you followed some of the earlier advice and also followed your own heart. Great job !!
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    Under no circumstance house a pleco with discus; sooner or later it will feed on them (mostly very late at night so why 90% of the people never see this) leading to stress and possible death. Besides, that tank is too small for a pleco. Sterba Corries are outstanding fish to house with discus because they can tolerate the high temperatures that discus should be kept at (84 - 88 F.) Neons are fine with discus - they are generally too big to interest most discus in eating them. Your tank is small for a proper group but will work for four - just hope they get along enough so you don't have issues.

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    I enjoyed reading this thread. If nothing else it teaches me that I am still not ready for discus. Too much traveling for work.

    Unusually I have nothing more to add...

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