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  1. Default looking for combinations of fish

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    Hi all, I am looking for advice on various combinations of fish to go in my 50 gallon tank(something like 12"x20"x48"). My requirements are :

    1. As colorful as possible. Looking to have all kinds of colors, hopefully yellow, red, blue...and such. I like a lot of the cichlids I see, so I think a cichlid tank would be nice.

    2. Would be nice to have a nice bottom feeder in the tank as well, but not a requirement.

    3. This tank is well filtered, has a cycled XP3 and AC 120 on it. It has goldfish in it currently that are going to be moved(sadly I lost two of my fancies, so the remaining two are moving to another tank of mine).

    Thanks, I look forward to looking at the combinations. The more colorful combinations I get, the better :)

    30g goldie tank :1 x Red Cap Oranda 1x Fantail

    50G Cichlid tank(Work in progress)
    -Rena xP3 Canister filter
    -Aquaclear 110 HoB

  2. Default

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    oh yah and if possible, I like the fish to maybe have a variety of shape...not fancy..just perhaps some more oval and others more circular if that's doable :)
    30g goldie tank :1 x Red Cap Oranda 1x Fantail

    50G Cichlid tank(Work in progress)
    -Rena xP3 Canister filter
    -Aquaclear 110 HoB

  3. #3


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    i have a few fish that you would love! american, and african, beatuful convicts, a jewel, a few gorgeous pink convicts, and a couple of JDs !
    for africans i have a few acie, one blue and yellow, one black with a white tail,and a very active red zebra ! these fish are all at the point where they are getting bigger and bigger each day! whats your loaction?

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    Note The Africans And Americans Are Also In Sperate Tanks!

  5. Default

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    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. That sounds like a nice tank :) After some reading today, I was wondering...what if I created a Mbuna tank? I read some pretty thorough literature about them, such as getting baby ones to grow up together, and to overstock to curb aggression with these, and as such, get a lot of filtration. I think I have the filtration part no problem with my setup.

    This is a guide I was reading today when I saw some Mbunas and started to get some interest lol :

    Of course I realize these are lake Malawi cichlids and I am not posting in that forum...but regardless I am open to all suggestions of combinations :)
    30g goldie tank :1 x Red Cap Oranda 1x Fantail

    50G Cichlid tank(Work in progress)
    -Rena xP3 Canister filter
    -Aquaclear 110 HoB

  6. Default

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    ok on second thought, I don't think I'll be getting Mbunas. Just seems like more trouble than I want to deal with. Maybe I can acheive my colorful criteria with Peacock cichlids perhaps, or some combination of them and another fish?
    30g goldie tank :1 x Red Cap Oranda 1x Fantail

    50G Cichlid tank(Work in progress)
    -Rena xP3 Canister filter
    -Aquaclear 110 HoB

  7. Default

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    A firemouth is pretty colorful, although kind of shy. Mine grows pretty slow, so you probably wouldn't have to worry about him outgrowing the tank. Clown loaches are pretty cool, friendly, colorful fish. They get big but grow slowly.

  8. Default

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    I love clown loaches! I read how big they can get so I didn't consider it. But if they grow very slowly, perhaps I will get one, since I will be in a bigger tank in a year or so for sure. Probably several times bigger. I am thinking

    -4 assorted Peacock cichlids
    -clown loach
    -perhaps a firemouth
    -perhaps some kind of a very small schooling fish if there is one I can put a bunch in there. Not sure if there are any small sized fish that schools I can toss in there
    -anything else?
    30g goldie tank :1 x Red Cap Oranda 1x Fantail

    50G Cichlid tank(Work in progress)
    -Rena xP3 Canister filter
    -Aquaclear 110 HoB

  9. #9


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    cthe mbuna tanks are really beautiful tanks ! and really they can seem like alot of trouble, but with the proper filtration, diet, housing, they should be fine! and the best part is, they come in more beautfful colors then americans do.

    but if you still decide to go with centrals, if the peacocks are large, they may be very stressed in just a 50 gallon with a few other large fish..but in turn a couple peacocks would look gorgeous with a big electric blue dempsey, or a blood parrot, bristlenose plecos can usualy surcome to amazing bright colors,

    what i would do with a 50 gallon is a flowerhorn, green terror, 1 peacock, clown loach, and as to the schooling fish, good luck as they will not stand a chance, unless all of these fish are introduced into this tank at the same time and lights off ! you may see a strain of luck, no garauntees!
    pink convicts are by far an absolute must to boot with the fish listed above! and angelfish would color up too, try your luck!

  10. #10


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    Glad to see you're considering cichlids! An all male peacock tank is nice, make sure to get differently marked ones. I just recently lost my nicest when the subdom decided to challenge him. I also keep Astatotilapia latifasciata with my peacocks, seems to work well.

    I can't think of any schooling fish I'd put with peacocks. Even though they're mild mannered for malawi cichlids, they still are malawi cichlids. You could do some syno lucipinnis or petricola as a bottom dweller. Some people keep clown loaches, but they'll outgrow a 50g and idk if I'd trust africans with them. I keep BN plecs with mine as well. Plus, the clown loaches need to be kept in groups.

    I would not recommend mixing continents, too much can go wrong. Stick with either african or american.
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