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    Default Moving House - Advise needed!

    0 Not allowed!

    i am moving home next week and need advise on how to make the transition as smooth as possible!

    i have seen lots of advise on moving home, but most refer to putting the fish in bags and easing them into the new set up the same way you would if you were to buy new fish (floating bag in tank to balance temp)...

    ...however, i will be using buckets with lids, and, as much as i have seen advise on using buckets, they stop at the point of putting them into the new set up.

    what is the best way to put my fish back in the tankwithout being able to balance the temperature?

    the fish will be in buckets for aprox 2 hrs, so the temp will drop a bit during this time, and i obviously dont want to just put them in.

    the cost of the move has broke my funds, so i need to do this as cheaply as poss without risking the fishes health!

    ..also, whats the best way to deal with live plants and substrate (sand)
    i have read it is safer to take all the substrate out but i think this will take too long. is it ok to leave it in the tank during the move?

    many thanks, in advance... any tips, please reply!

    Al b
    6 Longfin Zebra Danios l 2 Pearl Gouramis l 1 Featherfin Syndontis l 1 Gibbiceps Pleco L083 l 1 Adonis Pleco L155 l 1 German Blue Ram l 1 gold ram l 3 bumble bee gobys l 2 platinum angels l 10 Neon Tetras

    240 ltr l 52g (uk) l 63g (us)

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    It takes about 20 minutes to remove all the substrate and the only safe way to move a tank.

    Put the substrate and filter media in a bucket with some of your tank water. Fish in another bucket with some tank water but leave plenty of head space for air. As soon as you reach your destination, drop an airstone in the bucket so you aren't rushed getting the tank set up.

    (Don't feed your fish the day before you move. Less Waste.)

    Just set your tank up and fill it up. You need to transfer no water other than what's in your pails. I let my filters run about half hour before adding fish so some of the gasses can get driven off before I added my fish.

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    I went through the same thing a few years ago when I changed apartments and had to move the 7 tanks I had at the time. Here is what I did. See the last step for a trick that made it easier for me.

    1) Fill as many buckets with tank water as you can (you'll want to save as much water as possible to make the transition easier)
    2) Catch the fish and put them into a bucket.
    3) Turn off filter/heater/airpump at this point and remove from tank. Keep the filter pads wet if possible to keep bacteria alive
    3) If you have plants remove the plants and put them into the buckets (or into zippy bags with a bit of water, they should be fine)
    4) Drain tank of water and remove as much gravel as possible. (Moving a tank with gravel still in it can pop the seals on the bottom).
    5) Move all tanks, buckets and equipment to the new place
    6)Setup tanks/stands and install gravel and equipment but don't turn anything on yet.
    7) Add back any saved water (but NOT the fish).
    8) Put in plants.
    9) Fill tanks with new water if necessary and turn on heater, filter and air pump. Try to add water at the temp you want the tank at. When it mixes with the saved water it might cool down but overall you should be in the ballpark.
    10) Allow tank to stabilize for at least 30 min
    11) Add back fish to top of tank floating in gladware. The floating gladware will act like a bag and keep the fish/water separated from the tank while the water temps equalize. Makes it a lot easier on the fish and you don't have to worry about dealing with bags.
    75G Planted Blue Themed Community Tank:
    Neon Tetras, Blue Platties, Blue Guppies, Blue Snails, & a pleco
    with 4 hang off breeder tanks for Blue/Red Platty Project

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    Thanks Guys,

    Moving is stressful enough!.. A weight off my mind!
    6 Longfin Zebra Danios l 2 Pearl Gouramis l 1 Featherfin Syndontis l 1 Gibbiceps Pleco L083 l 1 Adonis Pleco L155 l 1 German Blue Ram l 1 gold ram l 3 bumble bee gobys l 2 platinum angels l 10 Neon Tetras

    240 ltr l 52g (uk) l 63g (us)

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