My planted nano's filtration can't seem to keep up with the bits o' plant matter drifting around aimlessly in the tank.

I've been considering using an internal filter now and then when it looks like the water could use some extra polishing. Lately there has been lots of poking and prodding since recently adding HC due to chasing the odd bit that floats up, having to reinsert it into the substrate, thus kicking up crud on a daily basis. I think if I ever got it completely clear it would actually stay that way until I disturbed something without the internal in play.

Now that the preamble is out of the way ... I've been poking around and have come across Penn-Plax Cascade Internal as well as a Tom Aquatics internal on Big Al's Canadian site. What ever I get, it doesn't have to be huge, I think a little more current in the dead area in the middle of the tank and a little extra filtration will make a big difference. Basically is there any "wrong" choices here no matter who I go with? I'm sure if I dig further I will come up with even more. I saw a Fluval as well, but at 3x the $$$

I would like to stay away from bubble filters though as I'm running DIY co2.