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  1. Default Any idea how to waterproof light bulbs?

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    Hi guys. I need some advice. I just got me a pair of mr11 led bulbs to replace the halogen mr11 bulbs on my Fluval Edge tank. I got one problem though, the led bulbs that I got are not waterproof. Any suggestions on how to waterproof it? A friend suggested using saran wrap but wouldn't that melt due to the heat?

    Attached is a pic of the led bulbs. Thnx.
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    I would not use saran wrap directly on the light. Any head at all from the light or the metal and you'll have melted plastic everywhere.

    What do the bulbs look like in their fixture? You might be able to get a small piece of plexi glass (or regular glass) to put between them and the tank. If you have the room you could also try building a box for around the fixture, then use saran wrap, or heavy duty sheet protectors (cut to size) on the bottom if it's not touching the bulbs.
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    Are you concerned about splashing or condensation? a small thin sheet of plexi would be a good long term solution. I don't think those LED's put out much heat by design, so I imagine plastic wrap kept 1" away would be fine.

    silicone might work as well, IIRC it is non conductive, though it will block some of the light and trap heat.

    Is there nothing between the bulb and the water?
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    You could coat it all except the lenses with silicone. Unless it's in a sealed off area there'll be condensation. Silicone will cause it to run warmer though as it's not going to let the heat out as in the open design. I'd use silicone if it was me so that's what I'm suggesting.


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    I had a Fluval Edge and the lights get too hot for plexi - you really should cut a rectangle of glass if you are going to use a barrier. The problem you will have with this is securing the piece in place. You don't have any surface you can lay the piece on so you have to contrive some kind of bracket arrangement around the bulbs. If I were going to do it, I would use silicone to fix a rigid post in the center of the glass, and then use silicon to glue the post between the light fixtures. The problem then would be cleaning the glass when algae builds up on the water side and changing the bulbs. To do either you will need to remove the post from the light fixture and you would have to re-glue (or re-silicone) to put it back together. I'm not much of a DIYer though, so someone else probably has a better but more complicated solution.
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    LED's put out a lot less heat than halogens. Part of the efficiency is less energy loss to heat. Still not 100% how much cooler they are, but most LED's are usually cool enough to touch, whereas halogen is ungodly hot. IIRC its almost 1000 degrees C on the inside.
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    I use the same LEDs on my Edge tank and have no issues with condensation or water splashes. I dont use the stock filter which I think is the cause of most of peoples lights getting wet. I have heard of people coating the bulbs with clear heat resistant engine block spray paint that is available at local hardware stores with success but they dont have any idea if that changes the light frequencies being output by the LEDs.
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