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    Exclamation Mites or Ich on (Betta) Fish?

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    Great. This ten gallon has been set up for almost two weeks and no problems until now...

    Okay, so I noticed that Cosmo (male red betta) had something on his body that looked like ich/k, but it is not white. In fact, it looks like these little "mites" I see on the sand that's in their tank.
    (The tank I am talking about is the ten gallon with two male bettas)

    Here's a screenshot taken from a video:

    Only one little thing is on him right now.

    I didn't want to treat for ich/k, just in case it wasn't. And, as said quite often, there's no such question as a stupid question. So I just wanted to be safe and ask.

    Here is a video of the little free swimming mites:
    (Please be sure to view in HD if you can since it's a little more detailed)

    I've been doing three gallon water changes every other day for about a week now to help his torn fins.

    And Cosmo is not showing any signs of being distressed. No itching, flared gills, or clamped fins.
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

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    It is not ick but I don't know what mites look like. But why are they in the tank at all?

    OK.....saw the video but I'd be getting rid of them. Perhaps a half dose of Ick meds will kill them or some other parasitic medication. Perhaps removing the substrate and rocks and boiling it.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 11-11-2010 at 02:01 PM.

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    I have no idea!

    I put some of the sand in a little container a long time ago to better view the danio fry, and mom saw the little mite-things in there for the first time.
    Now that I put the sand in the ten gallon (after thoroughly rinsing again), they seem to have come back. o.o

    Hmm, yes, removing the sand *and rocks seems like the best thing to do.
    Fiendish things.
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

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    I guess in the real world they aren't harmful but I wouldn't want bugs all over in my tank multiplying. You could get some PraziPro and dose the tank with that. That's a great medication and gets rid of internal worms if the fish has any, as well. But I would have to wonder why the mites are attaching to the fish. Didn't know they'd do that.

  5. #5


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    Alright, I'll try and get some very soon...
    Hopefully, Leo might be getting a new home this weekend! So we'll be out and able to go to our LFS either today or tomorrow.

    I never even knew they could be in an aquarium! Ew.

    Thanks so much! I'll take out the sand and try to get out the rocks now. :)
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

  6. Default

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    Given that bettas try to eat everything does your betta eat or try to eat any of them? I would actually be worried if your betta isnt eating them they cant be good for him especially if they go for rides on him. As Hobbes suggested I think transferring him to a different container and boiling the sand is a very good idea.

    Leo? I thought ya said his name was Cosmo?
    31 Gallon Hagen Waterhome with 2 x 20W T8 6700K Life Glo tubes, Fluval 205 canister filter, Aquaclear 200W and Marineland Stealth 150W heaters, Hydor Hydrokable 50W substrate heating cable with Hydrostat thermostat, Hydor Ario 2 Blue aeration night light. Compressed CO2. Very Heavily Planted.

    58 Gallon Hagen Light-Glo/Waterhome with 2x40W T8, 2x Fluval 404/405 canisters filters, Ebo-Jager 250W Heater, Marineland Stealth Pro 300W heater. Compressed CO2. Moderately planted.

  7. #7


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    Transferred Wan into a three gallon with water from the 10 and the filter that was on his side (the whisper internal 3-10).

    Cosmo is now back in the ten gallon (removing that sand was a pain -.-), and now needs some more black gravel. We don't keep spare substrate lying around, hehe. The mite is off of him, yay!
    And no...they never have eaten them, or looked at them at all. Though Wan doesn't surprise me, since he's so old. He's mellowed out quite a bit.

    It doesn't look like they (the mites) are in the tank anymore, either.

    Oh, Leo is the pleco in our 29 gallon, haha!
    It's planned that he will go into a 150 gallon home. :)
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

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