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    Default Emma's 10g Betta Tank

    0 Not allowed!
    I promised myself that once I got this tank cycled, I'd make a journal. I was deeply worried I'd mess up the cycle and didn't want to make a thread beforehand...

    That's not important, though, hehe. The main point is: I am finally getting a new tank for my fish!
    My two bettas, Cosmo and Wandisimo, lived in 1 gallon unfiltered/heated "tanks."

    History and introductions:


    I went into our LFS a couple of times looking for "Wandisimo." I had a name picked out, and needed a betta for it. After ignoring him for the longest time, thinking he was too muddled in color for me to like him, I picked his cup up to examine him and was instantly took by his color. He's probably close to two years old now. He has suffered through fin rot, which makes his once gorgeous crowntail rays dull at best. (My profile picture shows him right after he was put into his new tank.)
    He's pretty mellow and relaxed most of the time. He swims awkwardly in my opinion, and I can't help but wonder if it's another side effect of being kept in a tiny tank.


    This veiltail came a few months after Wan. Again, I had the name picked out and everything. Though this time I wanted a red betta, which wasn't hard to find. I think he has magnificent red coloration, and has an attitude to match it. He's far more adventurous than Wan. Unlike his counterpart, he constantly flares and is looking for food to dramatically snatch up. Although this sometimes gets him in trouble, since he has now had two swim bladder/constipation problems.

    Cosmo was put in last night, and I think he's been enjoying it VERY much. :)


    Whisper EX20 filter

    (And a Whisper internal filter that I have in there because I was paranoid there was an ammonia problem. It *the filter sponge and cartridge* has been in the 29 gallon for some time.)

    Tetra 50W self-adjusted heater

    I need to read up on heaters and such. But I'm pretty sure I might need a new heater? It stays at around 76 degrees, but sometimes drops to 74. I'm also pretty sure the EX20 filter is sufficient for this tank. I think, anyways. :/


    I'd like to put Wandisimo in there sometime next week. The DIY divider will separate them, of course.
    I'm going to try and convince my parents to get live plants in the 29 gallon in the form of showing them what they look like in this tank. I think moss is a good plant to start with. I'm going to see if our LFS can order them for us.
    I also don't want this ugly rock substrate in there forever, so I think I'll be switching over to pool filter sand sometime in the not-so-near future.
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

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    0 Not allowed!

    (*Drip* Acclimation)

    (The tank now)

    Among the various cycling comments of this tank, there was one that made me giggle...

    "So, have you decided what fish you're going to put in there?"

    "I'm just putting my two bettas in there."

    "Only two fish??"
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

  3. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Congrats on the new tank! I hope they like it there.
    98L Community
    - African Butterfly Fish
    - Black Skirt Tetra x3
    - Kuhli Loach x~
    - Bolivian Ram x2
    - Gold Chinese Algae Eater

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    0 Not allowed!
    Thanks! I hope they do as well. :3

    Haven't updated this in a week. I added Wandisimo on Friday. He is absolutely loving it!

    I don't know what's wrong with his body, though. He sadly still swims weird.

    But I can tell they both love their new space. Cosmo goes everywhere, while Wan normally stays relaxed underneath the silk plant or behind the filter.

    (I added the 3-10i Whisper filter on his side...they both seem fine with it and it doesn't make much current. I hope it's okay to have two filters in there. :s)

    Speaking of silk plants...

    Sunday (the 31st), Cosmo tore his fins pretty bad. They looked shredded in at least three spots, and the tips of his tail had the red color "draining" from them. I removed all plastic plants, and changed 50% of the water. Every two days after that, I changed 30% of the water.

    They have healed almost completely now. And all of his fins are bright red, even the tips. It looks like he has a pinhole still, but I'll try and keep the water as clean as possible, seeing as our LFS has no "bettafix."

    Ooooh, and speaking of our LFS...

    There was a lady in there one day, and I was talking to her about guppies. Apparently, she had never seen one before. She was trying to stock a small tank I could tell, but I didn't get to find out how big it was. I gladly told her that guppies don't absolutely need five other guppies to be happy and secure like tetras and danios do. As well as slightly inform her about the male to female ratio (1:2 or 3?)

    It was more: "If you have one male and one female, he'll harass her all the time."
    "If you have all males, and no females, they won't have any reason to harass each other."

    I'm pretty sure that's the right information. It's been gnawing at me for awhile, since I don't know a whole lot about guppies.

    Passing by the cardinal and neon tetras, I told her that the differences I've heard were that cardinals were a little more hardier, and had more red than neons do. Also added that when put over black gravel, their colors show a whole lot better.

    When she had to leave, she proudly told an employee that she knew what fish she was going to get in her tank. (Either a couple of guppies or a school of neons)
    Considering she was looking at the goldfish before the guppies...I'm a little happier/relieved. xD

    Sometime soon, I'll add pictures of the current tank setup.
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

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    0 Not allowed!
    Sorry for the double post...

    There's a video taken just now.
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

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    Wandisimo made a bubble nest yesterday and today. He used to make them very rarely.
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

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    0 Not allowed!
    Well, Wandisimo isn't doing too well...

    When I changed the sand out of the ten gallon due to mites, I moved Wan into a three gallon with the internal filter that was running on his side of the ten gallon. I also filled it up with water from the ten gallon.

    Apparently, he got stressed and got stuck to the intake tube. He was fine after, but when he was put back into the ten gallon, he didn't swim around at all.

    From that time until as I'm typing, he is sitting motionless at the bottom of his side of the tank. He sits evenly with the gravel, not obscurely posed or anything, and his gill movement seems okay. It concerns me, though, that he's not as active as before. Actually, the only time he IS active is when going up for air.

    I hope he gets better. All water tests were okay today. I did a gravel vacuum water change today after testing.

    Maybe it's a sign of his old age, mixed with some stress or shock. "Happy as a clam" wouldn't describe Cosmo well enough. He's happier than that!
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

  8. #8


    0 Not allowed!
    I've concluded Wan probably has a swim bladder problem.
    (He's on his side in a breeder net because I don't want him to have to swim up so far to get air)

    I don't even know how he swims up; he is so still most of the time. And his breathing is quite slow.

    Thing is: he won't eat, so a boiled pea is not an option.

    I'm going to give him another day or two...
    I think that him being older, mixed with him possibly being easily shocked/stressed caused something to happen.
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

  9. #9


    0 Not allowed!
    Sadly, Wan passed away last night/early this morning.

    I probably should have euthanize-d him yesterday afternoon. Even my family doubted he would make it...

    Turning back to optimism, I know he had a good latter part of his life. It may have taken about a year and a half, but I finally gave him care and housing that I had no regrets about.

    Cosmo seems so apathetic. It's almost as if he thinks he inherited the other half of the tank and his macho-ness scared the other wimpy betta away. Silly typical betta.

    (As for cleaning, I just removed the breeder net. I know when I found him, it hadn't been very long. Thus, I don't think there's any sanitation issues; but I'll still go and read about that as well. Just in case.)
    29 Gallon: Tetras, blue Gourami, Corys

    10 Gallon: Cosmo - Red Veiltail

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