I promised myself that once I got this tank cycled, I'd make a journal. I was deeply worried I'd mess up the cycle and didn't want to make a thread beforehand...

That's not important, though, hehe. The main point is: I am finally getting a new tank for my fish!
My two bettas, Cosmo and Wandisimo, lived in 1 gallon unfiltered/heated "tanks."

History and introductions:


I went into our LFS a couple of times looking for "Wandisimo." I had a name picked out, and needed a betta for it. After ignoring him for the longest time, thinking he was too muddled in color for me to like him, I picked his cup up to examine him and was instantly took by his color. He's probably close to two years old now. He has suffered through fin rot, which makes his once gorgeous crowntail rays dull at best. (My profile picture shows him right after he was put into his new tank.)
He's pretty mellow and relaxed most of the time. He swims awkwardly in my opinion, and I can't help but wonder if it's another side effect of being kept in a tiny tank.


This veiltail came a few months after Wan. Again, I had the name picked out and everything. Though this time I wanted a red betta, which wasn't hard to find. I think he has magnificent red coloration, and has an attitude to match it. He's far more adventurous than Wan. Unlike his counterpart, he constantly flares and is looking for food to dramatically snatch up. Although this sometimes gets him in trouble, since he has now had two swim bladder/constipation problems.

Cosmo was put in last night, and I think he's been enjoying it VERY much. :)


Whisper EX20 filter

(And a Whisper internal filter that I have in there because I was paranoid there was an ammonia problem. It *the filter sponge and cartridge* has been in the 29 gallon for some time.)

Tetra 50W self-adjusted heater

I need to read up on heaters and such. But I'm pretty sure I might need a new heater? It stays at around 76 degrees, but sometimes drops to 74. I'm also pretty sure the EX20 filter is sufficient for this tank. I think, anyways. :/


I'd like to put Wandisimo in there sometime next week. The DIY divider will separate them, of course.
I'm going to try and convince my parents to get live plants in the 29 gallon in the form of showing them what they look like in this tank. I think moss is a good plant to start with. I'm going to see if our LFS can order them for us.
I also don't want this ugly rock substrate in there forever, so I think I'll be switching over to pool filter sand sometime in the not-so-near future.