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... and as far as skimmers go the inside is around 25 inches which will be tight since from what most of the one's I've been looking at are around 23" in height or so... I was gonna get the eShopps 150 I think it was. And I don't plan on having to empty the cup too much. I was going to run clear tubing into a 2 liter bottle so the cup from the skimmer just drains all the gunk into that.
I would be a little concerned if you could not remove the cup and the skimmer for occational cleanings. The stuff that gets pulled out of the water will coat the inside of the cup and your skimmer with a flim of gunk and it stinks like you would not beleave.

My skimmer has a biult in fitting in the cup for the same line that you are talking about. I'm not using it tho, it just seamed like another part that I would have to clean. Everyone I talked to, and even the manufacture's instructions, suggests giving the inside of the skimmer body and cup a really good cleaning at least once a month.

Just make sure you can do that and you should be set